marijuana "poison"?

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  1. Just a random comment but I watch shows about marijuana like "Weed Wars" and "Marijuana USA" and on these shows they have law enforcers giving their opinion on marijuana, most of them saying the same thing that goes along these lines "We must rid our country of this poison." Now here's the definition of poison

    1. A substance that causes injury, illness, or death, especially by chemical means.
    2. Something destructive or fatal.

    Now i use poison in my garage to keep the rat population down, but I guess according to California law enforcers it's also used to treat epilepsy, cancer, AIDS, injured war vets, and other medical problems that modern meds just don't seem to help. It may just be me but to refer to marijuana as "poison" seems a little ignorant, the only poison I see is comming from the government's false facts and propaganda in attempts to ride the US of weed.

    Anyone else feel the same way?
  2. Maybe not poison in the whole meaning of the word, but I heard that being high is actually being "intoxicated".

    Of course weed cant kill you. But can THC be considered a toxin? Not sure

  3. Hmm you do have a point
  4. Its an intoxicant yes, but it literally cannot be poison.
    Alcohol is poison because it was not made to go into your body and does more damage than good. THC actually has receptors in the brain, so if something is accepted by our body, how can it be poison?
  5. Toxins are poisonous substances

    Cannabinoids do not fall into that category
  6. Alcohol is a poison, and endocannabinoidshave receptors in your brain that lets you treat alcoholism with it.
  7. They're using poison in the metaphorical sense. They're just cunts; there's no rationalizing it.
  8. The term 'intoxication' can be used positively, or negative... you can even be 'intoxicated' by a theory you just discovered, or by the taste of a particularly good orange.

    By definition, these are accurate uses of the word.

    That doesn't make the theory, or the orange 'toxic' (although, you can overdose and die from orange consumption, MUCH more easily than you can from cannabis! More people die due to pure water toxicity every year, than have ever died from cannabis in the thousands of years we have been using it, cannabis is thought to be one of the earliest domesticated crops... pure water, one of the 'least toxic' substances, has a lower or more tangibly-deadly LD50, than cannabis).

    Cannabis is one of the least toxic substances known to mankind... there are hundreds of items on the shelves of your local grocery store that will quickly kill you, due to over consumption and rapid poisoning, or an acute toxicity, long before cannabis ever could.
  9. Yeah this poison is the one of if not the only substance on the planet I wouldn't worry about over ingesting. Seriously, bring it on, I could use a good nap.

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