Marijuana Poem

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  1. hey guys it's kinda long but i wrote it for my english class...lemme no wut you guys think!! :smoke:
    Lying in the green, green grass
    All I can think about is this THC gas
    Sunlight beams through my imagination
    Puff, puff pass with no hesitation
    The smoke swirls my mind around
    All my ideas can finally be found
    Mushrooms sprout throughout my brain
    I'm pretty sure that I've gone insane
    These nuggets are my own little potion
    They make me feel that ocean-notion
    This California chronic has got me hovering in the summer air
    My feet leave the ground, all I can do is stare
    Into the green, green forest
    Except the green seems to have gone to rest
    The leaves are now pink with sun, they take the shape of little guns
    Like the ones that were on those pills
    That I took to see if it would make my mind still
    These guns explode into white light fireworks
    My mouth begins to jerk
    Up into my brain where nothing ever feels the same
    On my spot of grass is where I stretch out
    Each blade of it curls around my body so I try to shout
    The grass grows and locks itself around me
    But only for a minute, you see;
    Mary Jane is my best friend
    I come to her with no doubt that she will mend
    Any trouble of mine
    I can count on her to combine
    Everything that trips me up
    And show it all to me within a tiny tea cup
    When I'm lifted I feel the rivers flow
    The person that I truly am begins to grow
    I'm surely no anti-weed
    and if everyone smoked a blunt in perfect synchronization
    Neither would this nation

    Peace & Love, Melissa
  2. uhhh for school?
  3. yeah, i realized i couldn't turn it in which is why i decided to post it here.
  4. Great Poem Melissa!

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