Marijuana plants smell!??!?!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by greengrow3, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. How Much Will One Marijuana (bagseed, idk what strain) smell in my backyard when its ready to be harvested?
    will my parents or neighbors notice?????
    thanks for your replys
  2. yeah it is going to smell strong. they will probably be able to smell it from 100 ft depending on the wind and size of it, and it is very possible that the smell could linger further
  3. shiiiitttttttttyyyyyyyyyy
    i will figure a way to make it go away
  4. no such thing as making the smell go away... you gotta deal with it.

    and come on kids, if you're growing a plant in your parent's backyard, don't do it withouth their consent. it's just a huge lack of respect...
  5. no doubt eh.

    my parents didnt like me smoking weed so i kept it away from them.

    They come to my aparment and see my plant and dont say a word.

  6. There are a lot of variables as mentioned to say for sure about the smell. But yeah, you probably don't want to grow in your parents backyard. For their sake and yours- you will worry too much about it and it would be awkward if your parents found it or a neighbour snitched. There's got to be somewhere near you for room for one plant. I'm growing right now in a tiny patch of brushes right near a sidewalk. Either way good luck.
  7. My dad would b pissed off if I grew in there back yard because their wouldn't be any room 4 his plants back there....
  8. well i cant really grow anywhere else
    there are sooo many stoners around my neighborhood!
    if they found a plant, it would be stolen or destroyed

    i might grow it in my backyard till it flowers, and then bring it to my friends grandmas across from were i live. she never goes in her backyard
  9. dude, your parents are gonna find that shit right at the end of its veg cycle and make you pull it or some shit. Dont do it without their permission because they will find out and be super pissed. All of us live in an area with pot heads and tweakers and concerned citizens. The goal is to hide the plant well and DONT TELL ANYONE about it.

    When I talked to my parents about growing we came to agreement that spending lots of money on weed is a waste when it can be grown easily. Use that and build from there.
  10. true!
    but when my mom does find it, i will tell her that
    if she doesnt ill move it to my friends grandmas
  11. or play the stupid rule....i didn't plant that there? but if they were smart parents as soon as you deny it, they'd make you take a drug test. But dunno my dad has a been a pot smoker since he was a teen. And my mom doesn't mind it, so i'm clear and easy with my parents. Even though i live on my own anyways.

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