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marijuana plants not flowering

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by lordmega, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. :devious:i have an outdoor grow going in the northern us, plant r growing beautifully but the havent started to flower, hell they havent in even started showing sex yet!
  2. if by not showing sex you mean that they have not grown pistils than your mistaken, they could be male plants witch only start to grow pollen sacks once flowering begins.
  3. dont worry about it mine arent showing yet either. im in NE
  4. How is he mistaken?? Most plants up here, are not sexed yet. Hell I have some plants that dont even have alternating nodes yet.
  5. I have some Juicy Fruit that just showed pre-flowers this week, not to worry brother. Though if you are more on the inexperienced side your plants may have preflowers and you just don't know it. I will try to scan some preflower male and felmale shots so you can have an Idea if you don't already know. Also what strain are you growing? The strain you are growing is probably not showing yet because of genetics. Anyway watch for little primordial pollen sacs and you will be good. PEACE :)
  6. thanks for the advice cant wait to see thoses pics

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