Marijuana + Pill Capsule + Olive Oil - Does it work?

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  1. So basically, all I did was empty out a Creatine Monohydrate Pill Capsule and filled it up half way with olive oil. I had an extremely small amount of weed left and put that in the capsule as well. I've read that THC can be absorbed into oil based substances after sitting in it for a long period of time. I don't see how this would not work if I left it alone for about 3 days and then took the pill. Tell me your thoughts.


  2. You would've had to have heated it for quick results. It'll have to sit for quite a while without heating.

    And what is that, a 1/16th of a gram? You won't get much from it

  3. that doesnt sound like it'd work. the only thing ive heard working just from sitting out is high proof alcohol, not olive oil. also as far as oils go, olive oil isnt that fatty, im not sure that would be preemo for thc absorption compared to like butter. im no expert, but it sounds like you would have to have heated it for the thc to bind to oil
  4. Olive oil is extremely fatty (it's oil...) so that's not a worry
  5. Just make cannabutter and put that in the capsule. Its going to be fucking disgusting regardless of what you do, lol.
  6. I'm gonna leave it in my drawer for about three days and take it Friday. I'll see if I feel anything.
  7. Heating the bud/olive oil, straining, cooling and then capping would probably make for a stronger and more effective pill.

    Just my 2 cenets.
  8. If you do feel anything it'll be placebo

  9. i understand olive oil is OIL. its in the damn title. i think that saturated fats (ones solid at room temp like BUTTER) are best for absorption. i do remember something about a double bond in the oxygen or something in chem, but ive since forgotten it. so sorry

  10. So, there is no likelihood this will work?
  11. I'm not sure why you're getting so huffy, I was just pointing something out to you man.

    Saturated fats are believed to be the most efficient to use, but no potency is lost when using olive oil. Although at such a tiny amount of bud your yield probably won't be anything noticeable.
  12. Slim to none, especially not without heating. Like I said above, that's maybe 1/16th of a gram
  13. I say ... absolutely not.

    Not only does that need to be heated before going into the gel cap... you also need MORE weed.
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    Thats what I thought, until my friend proved me wrong one day at lunch. It was a big argument between my friends and I. I said that THC needed to be heated to affect you. He said it can be absorbed into alcohol and oils over a long period of time. He was right.
  15. theirs now way 5 trichomes are gunna get you stoned. just my 2 cents though
  16. He's right, and the key phrase is long period of time. 3 days is nowhere near a long enough period of time. Most THC tinctures take up to 3 months to make, and that's just with alcohol.

  17. ...shit. And I thought this was a good idea. Take about 3 or 4 capsules in the morning to start off your day, wouldn't that be nice?
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