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marijuana paranoia conspiracy

Discussion in 'General' started by thorarkin, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. the other day i realized the paranoia associated with marijuana use very well could be a whole conspiracy in itself. we all know about the paranoia of getting caught. and at the surface thats all it is, fear of getting caght, but it gets deeper. once you realize marijuana isnt the demon its made out to be you start to open your mind about other lies youve been fed, especially from authorities. often times this leads to studying conspiracy theories which if that doesnt give you paranoia by itself, the anxiety about cops(authority) is likely to be a familiar feeling, so it gets transferred to anxiety towards government(authority).
    but oh the conspiracy gets deeper, put in the media how conspiracy theorists are complete whackjobs and nobody will believe them. which conspiracy theorists are often stoners or use other drugs. along with the other media stereotype of stoners being dumb it sums up to be raving lunatic hillbillies.
    so with one little law marijuana becomes a demon and anybody who uses it can be dicredited even if its an irrelevant argument cus you must be crazy, thus very effectively hiding any true conspiracy from the general public.

  2. I may be insane, but thats pretty logical. Maybe because im a theorist myself
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    Idk about this. When i get parranoid it isnt about the law or getting caught, its more parranoia about life and what the future holds. But i agree, it really makes you think, what else?
  4. In my head, everything makes sense. Once I open my mouth to explain a conspiracy, I'm screwed. I have this huge compilation of all these conspiracies and how they all fit together, I just can't fucking say anything longer than a sentence before I start forgetting and stuttering.

    What the fuck am I even talking about
  5. crispy- did you have that paranioa before or after you started smoking? also thats a very common worry so unless you have a nervous breakdown chances are its not from marijuana
     i dont have much more i can confirm right now, just got into researching conspiracies in the last few months and been pretty slack about it since it takes so long to come to a conclusion about the big ones. but i actually thought of this while listening to jedi mind tricks/vinnie paz/block mccloud. the song hallucination specifically. i noticed they kept flashing illuminati signs in the video and thought about how tv and music puts you in a slight hypnotized state. then i realized with this hypnotic suggestion of being crazy it could easily make listeners relate to the song more and more, which is about being paranoid.
    aside from that i know about flouride( i wont go into detail since most theorists know about it) and general knowledge about preservatives(aka poisons), plus if you wanna get into ancient astronaut theory the sumerians is the best place to look. they talked about nibiru(now called planet x) coming into orbit near us and messing everything up. for example pluto used to be a moon of neptune, venus spins in the wrong direction, uranus is sideways, and the asteroid belt used to be a planet. so nibiru ran into what is now the asteroid belt, and gravity caused everything else to be pulled around. the reason we dont see it is cus the orbit is like the attached pic
    this is only one of many cases to show the ancients knew more than we give them credit. in fact alot of societies were probably more advanced than us in some way.
    loves you- i know exactly what you mean, thats how i get when i talk about religion when i cant look at my notes.lol.
    bubbles- if you think thats scary you should look up david icke. he does alot of stuff about higher dimension conspiracies. in a nutshell he says (all along the lines of illuminati, so its questionable in much of it, but still fun to think about) theres a line of conspiracies each getting more power as it goes up in the chain. first is the government, which is under power of companies, that in turn is owned by illuminati, but he adds the spiritual/quantum side of it and talks about reptilians. i find myself believing some form of illuminati, but idk what exactly it is, and i dont put the label reptilian on the ones in the spiritual/quantum realm.

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  6. I know of him. Who knows.  :confused_2: 

    You're right though, it is very interesting stuff.
  7. When I get paranoid it's about having a heart attack or something of that nature. It's never about the police or anything like that, mainly because I only smoke within the confines of my basement..
  8. trafizz- thats reasonable. sometimes my heart rate jumps to were i should be concerned.lol. im not afraid of death and dying high would be a great end to my story

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  10. Glad to see OP is not a dumbass.
    (+ imaginary rep)
  11. I wont poste any conspiracie thearis for now, buteverytime I think about laws, my first reaction is to be insulted.

    And then after ime worried.
    How bout you guys?

    The reason that i feel this two emotions is because first laws are there for people who cannot think for themselves and that they apply to everybody. So the governement is saying that i am to stupid to live without a set of predetermined rules.

    If they make heroin illegal am i gonna start injecting myself? HELL NO. And then I think ... Well maybe i'm smart a nuff to be autonymos but the large majoritee of people are not.

    So in conclusion this is why i believe the first step as a socity is to educate the masses to be able to think for themselvs

    P.S sorry about the spelling
  12. oh hell yes. so many people are dumbed down by tv and the poisons being put in our food and drinks its not even funny. heres a relevant song
    and is it just me or is budsmokers pic moving. i might be starting to hallucinate from sleep deprivation tho.lol
  13. Thanks man. It feels good to have my ideas validated
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    I do not think it is a conspiracy.
    My paranoid feelings from smoking cannabis have very rarely surrounded the law or police, except for a handful of occasions when I had to lie to police and avoid them searching me and ultimately validating their warranted suspicions.
    Smoking cannabis activates the amygdala region of the brain, which has a knock-on effect with the prefrontal cortex. Activating these regions of the brain can cause dramatic distortion of memories and emotions associated with sensory input. That effect is often desired by a person smoking cannabis (like WOAH dude this Mars bar is fucking amazing), but can very easily enter the territory of "paranoid" feelings in users when they're not in a relaxed state/environment.
    Of course we all know that the degree of paranoia is exaggerated when reading anti-marijuana information. But to suggest it is unfounded is probably ignoring the truth. I tend to always get a little anxious around the first 20-30 mins of my high, and can definitely become completely paranoid when I overdo it.
  15. People really get paranoid I never had this
  16. you mean those green aliens in purple suits aren't going to get me???
  17. ok, that makes a little more sense. this actually supports my theory about why its illegal, but debunks how it causes the paranoia(but legalizing would still create less paranoia)
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    Yes my friend you are correct, it is all in the mind, you get told its bad, others think its bad, society tells you its bad then of course it is only human nature your mind will become confused whilst high.
    ''I am high but this feels good, too good, this must be bad cause it feels so good, WAIT, will I go mad AM I MAD, should I be smoking this, is this strain bad for me, will I .... etc etc.
    All the doubts can cause inexperienced users to feel confused which leads to para!
    If alcohol were illegal I am certain when you were walking around drunk you would be freaking out thinking all sorts of neg thoughts.
    Also badly grown cannabis can play a part, its the plants way of telling you something aint right, an uneasy feeling often felt.
    Prime example of how much society plays a part in your paranoia, I go to Amsterdam 2 or 3 times a year, I never ever feel one bit of para over there and I always get very stoned, so imagine if the whole world was on board.
    It is all in the mind. :hippie:
  19. nah man, once you get over the I'm gonna get caught paranoia, there is still other paranoid delusions.  Atleast for me.

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