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Marijuana over women

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pepper, May 20, 2004.

  1. Haha, my relationship with my girlfriend ended today on account of me and my relationship with marijuana, that is so funny, i got stoned and laughed about it for hours, i wouldnt give this shit up for anything

    *edit* but damn she fine
  2. haha thats funny man. I try to do both with the girlfriend and all. Hangout with the girlfriend in the day blaze at night ;)
  3. Kinda sad you never hear. "oh my man just didnt want me smoking so me and the ganja just had to leave". Not that it never happens. It just always seems that us pot smoking males have our dedications. :)
  4. lol.. never thought about that. i've NEVER seen a chick say she left her guy cause he was anti-pot..
    but um.. yeah. M.O.W. :D lol or if anyone knows this one.. MOB. :D
  5. my girl smokes and i luv her but if she were to give it up and ask me to give it up i would cuz i luv her
  6. You did the right thing pepper, some women like to play what i call pussy games, thinking they can control your decisions by seducing you or just the opposite giving none at all for some type of punishment or compromise, lmfao.

    Relationships arent so much about changing another person to make them more compatable to be an ideal partner for you, its more about working together and adapting to that persons lifestyle and accepting a person for who they are, that's love. Situations like that don't solve themselves. If they can't deal with it hit the road!!!

    If they threatn to leave, call that bitches bluff n walk out on her/him, if she/he doesnt come runnin back, your better off anyways. At least you can say you left their ass:)
    If your not married or dont have kids it makes it really easy, momma use to tell me, "there's more fish in the sea".
    Thats when i got a net.
    Pops use to tell me, lol, "fuckm all" and so i did.
    Not in a disrespectful manner, just to be mature and honest about it. When you do it, dont play those played out player games.
    Yessir, be safe and handle your business before some woman comes along and locks you down:)
  7. Hell yea HYRDOCAKE, we see shit the same way, damn we should toke up sometime.
  8. LOL, yessir, if i'm ever up west, or your ever down south we should:)and curse at all the ladies walking by while we blow weed smoke up their skirts:)maybe
  9. my friends girl had him by the balls for it, but the funny thing was, whenever they were broken up (frequently) they both smoked weed
  10. I booted my girl out a couple months ago because she didn't like my smoking and growing. Fuck her. I'm much happier now.

  11. Now you have. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend two years ago, and that was one of the reasons. The other being he couldn't keep it in his pants.
  12. i wasnt like dating her dating her..but this girl i was talking to said that she had a problem with my MJ habbit..i said sorry

    she blows it over right? WRONG

    the next day..bitch comes over my house, an im sittin in my room just smokin a bowl.. the girl grabs it and says "give it up!" all stern n shit.. so i slapped that bitch and said get the fuck out, and i haven't seen her since..

    me an MJs been through alot...repeated bryar scars n shit from wood-walking....jail time, kicked outta school..ahh shes still with me<3
  13. He slaps her for taking his pipe...lmfao!!! That's a bit harsh man!
  14. no way son, when a bitch grabs my pipe..thats like a bitch grabbin my cock with a knief in hand...just aint gonna happen
  15. Thats not harsh at all. Think of it the other way around. What if someone just shoved a pipe in your mouth and said smoke. You would slap them if you didnt want to. I think its fucked when people try to imply their lifestyle on other people. Go fuck yourselves. You never see stoners going around telling people how they NEED to start smoking, so why do we have people telling us we need to quit.

  16. That is fucking awesome man.
  17. Exactly, thats what i tell people. When they say i should stop smoking, i offer them a cigarette. Motherphuckers make me sick too.
    I didnt say it was wrong of him to hit the lady, just harsh, i dont love her ass!!!
  18. id explain to her that mary isent that bad and that we could all get along :) lol or id just do it behind her back
  19. My girlfriend doesn't really like it, but she totally understands that it's my life and I can do what I want with it. If she had a specific problem, we would talk about it. I'm not going to be an asshole and be like, "I'm smoking 24/7 whether you like it or not!" If she wanted me to, I would stop smoking around her or stop smoking multiple times a day (I have done that on my own though. Now I only blaze every night. Being stoned all day was a little too much.)

    The most I would ever do if she really wanted me to was quit during the week. But I would also make her quit alcohol during the week too. No double standards on my watch. Luckily my girlfriend is very reasonable, and wouldn't pull that shit on me in the first place.
  20. if somebody dont like it just roll up a blunt, smoke it in there face and if they give you shit walk away.....thats what i would do

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