Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)

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    Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide[​IMG]

    Product Description
    More than just a grow book, Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide provides easy-to-follow instructions and sensible advice on growing marijuana the natural way. Special emphasis is placed on organic and natural methods so that medicinal users need not worry about harmful chemicals. With a focus on simple growing techniques and the hands-on aspects of maintaining a garden, even newbies can enjoy a successful harvest. For the experienced grower, new products and new varieties bred in Canada specifically for outdoor use ensure high-potency, high-yield crops.

    Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide[​IMG]
  2. Highly recommend this book, it helped me out a lot when I first started out. I lent it to someone and he never gave it back. He must have been illiterate though because he burnt his seedlings to shit lol.
  3. Amazing book, very clearly written.
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  4. I'd also recommend this book, clearly written, good pictures a great reference!

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