Marijuana + other drugs - A semi-analysis/comparison

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  1. I've been smoking bud for quite a while, and in that time, I've come across many types of drugs/pills etc. that I've tried. I've rarely ever done a new drug completely by itself. I've always used marijuana as a lubricant because it's safe to me and I know how to handle its highs and lows. This isn't to say that MJ was or is a "gateway drug", as I was ashamedly chugging Robitussin long before I smoked. (Something I have gladly not done in quite a long time.) At any rate; I was curious about other people's experience with harder drugs and how it affects their marijuana usage and tolerance. Personally, after trying a variety of things, I find that as long as I have a decent bag of ganj., I'm pretty satisfied and don't feel the need to find some sort of other high. So; Here's a brief synapsis of things I've tried and my thoughts on it. This isn't meant to be a "man, I'm so hard because I've done this." thread, it's just for curiosity sake.

    MDMA- I love smoking a blunt as I'm coming up on E. The high is so subtle and it brings me out of my introverted shell. I become more vocal and socialable and engage in conversation more. Normally, I'm pretty inside my head unless I'm in my own place.

    LSD- Honestly, after about the first hour of taking Acid, I don't really smoke. No matter how tasty the bud, it always leaves a bittersweet taste on my tongue. I don't really get any higher, but smoking relieves some of the tension that presses against my forehead in the later hours of frying.

    Cocaine- I don't really smoke until about the last hour of my comedown, as it soothes my brain and joints that are tense. I haven't done cocaine in a long time, and I aim to keep it that way.

    Mushrooms- Smoking and mushrooms goes hand-in-hand for me. The high is intense but manageable because it comes in condensed waves.

    Heroin- I've only smoke heroin once. The high was intense and sudden. The comedown was rough. I remember smoking out of the pipe until it was so hot, I had to use an oven glove to keep dry-hitting it to get the heroin taste.

    Crack- Again, I smoked as I was coming down to soothe the pressure. I have only smoked crack once, and I doubt I'll ever do so again.

    Liquor/Beer- When I drink and and smoke, which is rare now-a-days, I just get a very nice body buzz and a sloshy feeling in my head.

    Xanex/Valium/Oxy - Usually smoking and taking any pills just resulted in making the pill effect last even longer.

    So, that's my experiences.

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