marijuana or hash?

Discussion in 'General' started by mltagm424, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. hi, i'm a very new smoker...and was wondering...what's the difference between marijuana and hash? i've heard people refer to them in conversation almost interchangeably.

    anyway...this is my first post, and i'm so happy to be in the city. see you around.
  2. welcome.

    marijuana is a term used to refer to any cannabis that has high enough THC content to make it worth smoking. its a fairly loose term that will apply to nearly any smokable cannabis, but usually used when refering to plain old cannabis bud.

    hash is, well... hash. uhh... ya know... hash. ok ok... i'm gonna have to do beter than that. good hash is literally nothing but the compressed trichromes of THC, poorer hash will have a dozen other things in it to pad it out. many people however say hash even if they are getting bud, this is not stricktly speakin accurate but being stoners we let them of with saying it anyways. ;D

    hope that waffle helped.
  3. Hash is like a block of resin or something. It's usually black or brown but can be green too. Look around and check out the bud pics that accumulate daily. If you see something that looks like a brick it's hash or hashish. Hash is supposed to be more potent too I hear.
  4. hash is not more potent thatn bud AND VICE VERSA.
    it depends on many things.
    (which is the most alcoolic? beer or wine?)

    majiruana is the name of a plant.
    hash is the name of a preparation done with majiruana.

    errr can someone confirm ? ..
  5. real hash, before its been adulterated, will be pretty much pure thc, put into block form...

    where as marijuana is plant matter, ie green and fluffy.

    hash is more potent than bud, in that if I were to have a plant, and use half of it to make hash, and half of it to just smoke normally, id get more stoned off an equal amount of hash compared to weed. (kind of a run on... but im sure you get the picture)

    but then you could have hash made from a shitty plant, that wouldnt be shit against some of the better grown weed out there.
  6. it feels good to learn.
  7. wow...i just have to say that i never expected to learn so much from a simple question...but i guess it wasn't that simple.

    i love this place...i feel like i've stumbled upon a whole new world...and i guess i have, or a city rather.

    you guys rock! (and offense)

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