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Marijuana only makes me more stressed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by royce4weed2012, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I've been very stressed lately about multiple things and well... The herb aint helpin like its supposed to. I stayed home today and just smoked a blunt of some good to myself and just chilled but that only made it way worse! I got alot more stressed, I couldnt stop thinking, and well I was just in a plain shitty mood. I've been trying multiple things like playing video games, working out, and just relaxing on a nice day but im still stressed as ever.

    What do normal people do to relieve stress?

  2. I tend to run. If I'm particularly stressed, I'll even stop the herb since it doesn't seem to help (as seems to be the case in your situation.) I don't know what's stressing you, but removing the stressor is usually a good idea. If it's grades, just for example, you could start by improving them.

    Weed only works for me as a reward. If I just smoke and try to ignore the stressor, it tends to make it worse as well.
  3. As a normal person, I go to the gym/stop bitching and worrying about things.

    I've never even though about using cannabis as a stress reliever.

  4. Money problems... shit is hard to fix
  5. u trollin brah?

    jk...idk exercise always takes my mind off stress.
  6. Honestly i dont find that Marijuana does all that much for me if im stressed. I find that you need to be in a good mood before you blaze, in order to have an enjoyable high.

  7. this and a tip i would give op is: before u smoke make sure to get GOOD SLEEP, before smoking take 5-10 minutes to relax, close your eyes and observe your breath. You should now have a better perspective on if you feel like smoking or not.
  8. In these situations cutting out the beloved herb is best. See how your life is with out it. Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. It is telling you that you need to do something or change something in your life.
  9. listening to music of course is my main one. i never tried to use weed as a stress reliever, relieving stress was more of a biproduct of smoking, if that makes sense. Take away the stressor, u said money problems, so stop buying weed. weed is a somewhat expensive habit, so remove that for a little bit, work overtime or find a job if thats the problem, and then once ur more stable weed can be an award
  10. I don't want to sound like an asshole, but if you've got money problem it might me good to just stay off the expensive herb.

    Just work out or something like that.
  11. For me atleast, it depends what im stressed about. If its something you dont mind other people knowing, talk to someone. If its something you dont want people knowing, try to find another way such as exercising, or just do things to keep yourself busy. When im stressed, i go down to the forest buy my house, smoke a bowl or two, and just look up in the sky while im holding hits. I dont know why, but it seems to calm me down.
  12. Just say fuck it and ignore it. I'm kind of a sociopath in some ways. Never can understand how people let emotions control them.

  13. Haha dope fein

  14. Dissect a road killed squirrel:). Oh, wait, you said "normal" people.:(
  15. yep, this last part is key. It's basic psychology. If you have problems, they'll make you stressed. If you smoke, (usually) it will reduce that stress. Therefore, the next time you feel stressed you will be a lot more likely to smoke. And it just gets more engrained into your brain the more you do it. This means that in the future when something goes wrong and you get stressed out, instead of working to fix the problem you'll just go smoke and feel good. This is also what causes weed to be psychologically addictive, and there's no question in my mind that it is.

    But, like it seems to be for you, and what's been happening to me lately, is that the smoking doesn't relieve the stress and just multiplies it because you know you're not helping anything. Do you feel guilty when you smoke? I always did lately.

    The last few weeks i've hardly been smoking at all, and like pvtryan said, i use it as a reward when i do. Get out of bed and force myself to class and take good notes? Okay, come home for the weekend and smoke a fat bowl.

  16. sage advice

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