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Marijuana Myth Busting Best Vaporizer Temperatures

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Matt Mernagh, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. There are plenty of problems when it comes to developing a consensus on stoner culture. Prohibition warriors' disinformation campaigns, stoners' embellishing their accomplishments, and lastly, potheads involved were, naturally, high when shit went down. Getting the straight toke is nigh impossible. Do we care? The M-Files does. We believe the Toking Truth Is Out There between bong rips, vapor hits, joint rolling, and toking. Many marijuana facts are actually marijuana myths, like space aliens, talking dogs and Mugwumps.

    The true beauty of owning a vaporizer is its ability to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids from any cannabis plant matter, be it leaf, trim, stock or bud. A real vaporizer test isn't based on model / brand comparison and throwing a Tokers Bowl winner in the chamber to determine how good and gunned one got, but how the technology tackled a variety of toke. Possibly verging on ganja gluttony is when your stoner buddy smokes a half quarter in bong hits and is still not high enough, while you can barely finish the third bag from a half gram in the Volcano.

    The Basics of Boiling Versus Burning

    Sparking our phatty we use the heater to boil liquids at a much higher temperature than we really require. Though we all love our joints, some believe it's an imperfect delivery system because THC boils at much lower temperature 380F than the cherry is burning (800F). Medical marijuana people and mainstream greenies especially prefer vaporizing. While counterculture types continue to argue there's something missing in their stone.

    Cannabinoids attached too saturated leafy pieces are vaporized just fine. But when burned via bonghits or jays, these THC smoke invaders tag along for the ride into your lungs. Flavinoids and Terpenes, the smell and taste of toke, are delicious together. They begin evaporating and boiling off at about 132F, with water boiling at 212F. But you don't get very high on luke warm air. Bring up the heat a bit cause THC has a boiling point of 392F, but with the Volcano Digit having the help of the venturi effect.

    Low Heat is Best When Seeking a Buzz
    Depending on the worthiness of bud, a range of options, from slightly below combustion 440F to 380F, just above THC boiling exist. Flash-frying herb above 420F immediately creates a thick heavy dense potent toke. Served in 55 seconds or less. Flavor takes a back seat in a cloudy cannabis mix that puts an emphasis on blasting bud quickly.

    Higher temperature burns up a plenty of THC on initial boil, think a rocket taking off, while disintegrating flavinoids. That would come taste great a much lower temperature.On the lower end of the temperature scale we get a lighter vapor with more flavor that lasts longer, but less THC per bag.

    A lighter vapor density might dissuade a first timer from believing vapor packs more power than their bong.
    Lower temperatures allow friends to pass more bags around, but pack less punch on the first few go rounds.

    Many chronics have their preferred temperature, so like a manned rocket excursion to the moon our space trip with a Volcano Digit is best accomplished in stages, low to high. Keeping within a consistent temperature range is the simplest method to getting gunned (375F/400F/425F), but not particularly useful when dealing with herb in different states.

    Getting The Best From Wet
    Wet bud is dramatically different than crumbles-in-your-fingers cannabis. Thus one would presume it boils differently. By boiling a bag just for flavinoids (280 - 300F) once sometimes twice the results will be dramatically better with fresh than attempting to blast the THC free from the nug (410 – 425F).

    Lower heat creates a very steamy moist bag with the vape something akin to eating celery, a little bit of flavor, but clearly lacking in cannabis calories.
    It's amazing at sucking out water from just picked bud. Way better than the old-timer-toker method of actually putting wet on low heat in their oven. Or new timer method of microwaving wet weed.

    After one or two low flavinoid runs you're able to empty the canister and roll a jay or do bonghits with the bud now compressed into a disc.But it's way better to simply bring the temp up into THC firing range.

    Bone Dry Doobie
    There's a fine balance between just right and too dry. Sometimes a stoner wakes after a heady session too find their perfectly pickled weed has slipped into the realm of ground dust. Creating the problem of more smoke bellowing out of the bong than hitting the lungs. Drop your temp to 350 – 370F range, and inhale your vapor without a leafy sandstorm in your mouth.

    From Bubble Bag to Volcano in 4:20 Minutes
    When vaping honey oil or yummy gooey bubble substances, use the oil screen. You know, the metal dish scrubby looking thingy.
    This device also works wonders when it comes to sampling just finished full melt hashish. Who can possibly wait two days for a few grams of ganja goodness to harden? Especially after the marijuana manual labor one goes through pulling a pound of leafy matter via a bubble bag kit. Use the oil screen and you can cut down cannabis congealing time to nothing. For just made bubble, low heat is best, but high heat is needed when working with pressed black hash. When ground right, on high heat, hashish is delicious with an extra silky smooth taste. The grind is very important as too chunky produces poor results.

    THC Crystal Keepers Keep Low Heat
    For stash crystal keepers empty your source directly into the rocket. Do not over boil! Crystal is much more tender than bone dry requiring very little heat. Anything in the 360F – 385F is plentiful for sweet results. A heavy bag is very possible in this temp range, but cranking it higher doesn't produce better results. Crystal can be mixed with batch or previously vaporized herb to avoid blowing through the Volcano screen.

    Plenty of research is ongoing to determine the best vaporizer temperatures for different kinds of herbs. Still not enough to make a big batch of vapor poo or duff. Individual results may vary. We encourage you to try this at home. Record the results and make them publicly available.

    The M-Files wants to investigate you! Have you grown from bag seed? The M-Files is hunting down great bag seed strains. Send me a PM.

  2. Nice article. I bet this will clear up many q's from people interested in vaping
  3. not bad. might try hash in the vape now.
  4. nice article
  5. diggin the article

    nice writing
  6. thanks!! im prepared to debate this one in person over a digit volcano. :smoking:
  7. Any cliffs? Thats a long paragraph.
  8. Great information, the writing style though is far too obstuse for the audience, as most of your articles are. It's like you're trying a voice that isn't yours, and if that IS your voice, then it's not working for me, and I have a BA in English from UCLA.

    I've gone over temperatures with my classic Volcano time and again, with a full chamber of leaf I usually start at 5.5, blow two bags, then move it up to about 7 and blow about four more bags. I will usually kill a bowl with a bag at 8 or higher, but those taste terrible. I could find a conversion chart to fahrenheit, but I'm too lazy at the moment.

    For straight hash I will use the hash screen (I have one from my old Solid Valve Kit that I've been using for 2 years, the thing will blow decent bags with no new material on it still) starting much higher, usually around 7.5

    When I first got the Volcano I would start at 5.5 and increase 1/2 number after each successive bag. That works, but I find the taste to be better if you stay at a given number for 2 or more bags, increasing a full number or more after that.

    My Vapor Poo/Glycerin Tincture is about two weeks old at this point. Not ready to sample yet.
  9. I set my "black box" vaporizer at 330F. It's a no-namer vaporizer but it seems to work pretty well. My question is, should I crank it up, I get a small stream of sweet smoke for 3 lung fulls then it goes too a burnt-popcorn taste.

  10. That doesn't seem to be a question.
  11. looks like a question to me... he is asking if he should turn his vape up higher than 330F.
  12. LoL... ill be waiting =)
  13. hmmm very interesting
  14. ill write up some cannabis cliff notes you can keep near your vaporizer. your paying for precision when it comes to temperature control. ive been lazy lately keeping the temperature on 410F all the time. M
  15. All i have to say is that it was indeed hard to understand at certain points. Definitely needs a grammar check- but great information- how do you know all of that? does it just come from experience?
  16. i always thought it would be cool if mythbusters actually did a show on cannabis.
  17. me too. it's one of the influences for what i'm trying to achieve. i think. crib notes soon! :smoking:
  18. Great Read Mr. Mernagh

  19. thanks! i helped start the first vaporization lounges in Canada. members can pay a membership fee to a club where they can rent a vaporizer with their friends. and then toke away. at the Global Marijuana March we setup a booth where my job is to give out vapor tokes all day (FREE).

    yes some of the articles have sentences that are awkward.


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