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  1. Machinery Of The 'Marijuana Munchies'

    Learnt abit about how low levels of leptin is associated with stronger appetite ,so I got curious on the relationship with munchies.

    Maybe this could be related to why you're significantly less high after eating a ton.due to their contradictory mechanisms.
  2. I really don't mean to hijack the thread, but I was just wondering the other day, and too lazy to search... Is there a thread dedicated to what your munchies are at present time? I'm always curious to hear what tastes the best to other people.
    Me... Nutella is the ultimate. I could die a happy person high as a kite in a Nutella bath. Lol
  3. Yeah it's interesting to know what actually causes the munchies.

    As this article was written a while ago now - they mentioned the Sanofi-Aventis drug rimonabant that was being researched to suppress appetite by blocking CB1 receptors. Well that drug ended up getting withdrawn from the market owing to a series of patients who were suffering severe depression. I wonder if that is a consequence of blocking CB1, or if the drug happens to do something else to the brain.
  4. Just thought i would throw this out there; the other day someone was commenting on the reason we get the munchies. Their opinion was that munchies were an attempt by the body to maintain homeostasis. I guess something to do with digestion counteracts the foreign chemicals(thc, alcohol, etc). Can anyone confirm/deny this?
  5. I strongly doubt it. Given that eating food is not guaranteed to maintain homeostasis, and this 'regulatory effect' is not seen in many other cases of drugs. It's simply a case of appetite stimulation as a consequence of CB1 activation. Not a feedback system from the body and digestive system.
  6. I think another component if the munchies might be that because THC causes a huge release of Dopamine, everything else you experience high is experienced with huge levels of dopamine and become assocaited with good feeling and thus we begin to like X thing longer because of the good feeling associated with it

    When I first got high I never felt hungrier or anything, everything just tasted so good that I never wanted to stop eating
  7. This is a bit of a misconception, as evidence points both ways for the effect on dopamine of cannabis. I think I can say for sure that a huge release of dopamine doesn't occur, if any.

    The reason I like to iron out this point is because dopamine activation is an indication of triggering the 'reward system'. A routine method used in pharmacology to highlight addictiveness of substances. I've seen anti-cannabis sites jump on the misconception, and then drawing the conclusion that cannabis is indeed an addictive drug. Something I disagree with strongly, and also something that has no strong evidence to back it up. Somehow the misconception has lived on, even in the minds of many cannabis advocates.

    To also give you food for thought, cocaine and methamphetamine DO unload a lot of dopamine into the synapses, and the effect of these drugs and their analogues strongly suppress the appetite.
  8. REally? I swear I heard in a pharmalogical/neuroscience class that THC binds to a receptor that causes dopamine to release,

    I'll have to do further research, its been a while
  9. There are studies which claim to have demonstrated dopamine release from cannabis, and other studies that have shown the opposite. Different regions of the brain have also been tested, with varying results. There is certainly not a direct dopamine release upon CB1 activation. If there is a dopamine release, I'd imagine it is a downstream effect following a very complex series of events and certainly not something that has allowed for easy detection.
  10. I wonder if in some way THC makes it so dopamine releases that would have occured are stronger and other chemical effects that go with other emotions might be stronger aswell?

    This would explain why things seem cooler when high. Music sounds better, food tastes better....but getting kicked in the nuts still sucks, even when high and even more so.
  11. I thought I read when I first started smoking weed that it lowers your blood sugar and that's why you crave sweets.
  12. I can attest to this
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    A pilot study of the effects of cannabis on appeti... [Brain Res. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI
    Leptin Hormone & Supplements: Do They Work for Obesity & Weight Loss?
    Hormone Ghrelin Raises Desire for High-Calorie Foods

    Seems like since there is high leptin level to my understanding there will be higher fat oxidation , and signal your brain to stop eating and the increase ghrelin , increases appetite or atleast makes high calorie foods more appealing , which is probably related to munchies and also shows that cannabis is probably something that aids in weight loss at least physiologically , but not mentally . Though they may have to measure human growth hormones.

    I don't know about you , but when I'm high with munchies I dont have the hunger feeling , but I do have the desire to eat as much junk food as I can find.
  14. Mother of jesus demons... I just envisioned this. And drooled a bit. :D

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