Marijuana motivation?

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta Buds, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I was just curious as to whether Mary makes you guys more motivated to do things. I've noticed without it I lack the willingness to set goals for myself or to do things like chores and homework.
  2. There are two extremes; people who are lazy and do nothing but get high all day, and people who can't function or get motivated to do anything without it.

    Neither is healthy, in my opinion.
  3. I think that just described everybody...ever. Is this the opposite when you're high? do you enjoy chores and homework when your stoned?

    I thought that way at one time. But then I realized that I wasn't pumped to do my homework, I was only pumped to smoke the bowl before my homework. that's it. As soon as the bolw was over I would be like "fuck them papers..." and just not do my homework. So now I just make myself wait till it's all over. I use the weed as a reward for doing thing I don't like. Like a bowl after waking up in the morning. A bowl after work. A bowl after cutting grass. A bowl after laundry. you get the point.
  4. I do well at work with a good buzz on....... Actually helps me focus and not socialize.
  5. It usually gets me in a good mood to do things that I should. This place, however, is the reason I dont. You bastards...
  6. I agree. Marijuana 100% makes me in the mood to do things. There is just one problem. I can't controll what those things are. Mostly makes me want to smoke more pot though...
  7. i dont like doing things involving work, but i love going out on bike rides and on long walks while baked.

    ive found the perfect sentence to explain what happens to me while im high though... I lose my AMBITION.
  8. When I'm baked I just find it easier to focus; it makes whatever activity I'm doing a lot less bland, I suppose.
  9. If its a high sativa buzz Ill be doing things 100 times faster and way better then I could sober. But if its indica Ill just stand there spraying druel out in a laughing fit doing absolutly nothing productive.
  10. Marijuana makes me motivated to change the world but too lethargic to get off the couch.

    To remedy this, when I'm high I often write down exactly how motivated I am feeling, so that when I am sober I will have the willpower to get up and do something about it.

    This is actually an amazing thing to do and I recommend it to everyone.
  11. Haha you're welcome!!:smoke::D
  12. "Motivation such an aggravation" Sativa definately has more motivating qualities. Couldn't tell you why though.
  13. I can't focus enough to do any kind of school work while stoned, but I will definitely clean the shit out of my house when I'm high.

    Edit: I take that back, I can and will do all kinds of artwork stoned, and my major is art so I guess that counts as school work.
  14. i think it can affect people differently

  15. This.

    Except I don't write it down. Think I'll start now... I have a feeling I'm going to write alot of stupid shit tho lol.

    Thanks for the idea :D

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