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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gnome grown, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I just got diagnosed with mono 3 days ago and im wondering if it would be bad if i rolled a couple j's and smoked them while i have mono? any answers would be greatly appreciated?
  2. Depending on how bad you get mono, it should be okay. If you get a really sore throat and can barely talk, I would advise against smoking, but vaping should be okay. If you get the body aches, some nausea and of course the sleepiness I feel like cannabis would only help you.

    Feel better man, I was diagnosed with mono in high school and I missed a month of school and I had to retake all my end of term exams.
  3. thanks man and my mono isnt the worst just swollen tonsils and sweating a shit ton and i do not have a vape and my last piece broke so all i got is some papers so ill experment with it and see if i like being high better than sober with mono
  4. Hey man i just got over mono about a month ago, had it for 2 months. It was full blown hell, full body rash, tonsils blocked my airway hahahah. I didnt even think about toking. But if you dont have it quite as bad and your throat is okay, i dont see anything wrong with it. Feel better mane:smoke:
  5. if your throat isnt to bad i would do it, just dont share the blunt lol. i hated mono it sucked, get well soon man
  6. Well im somewhat functional and im on some steriod thing for my throat so it doesnt hurt as bad but i just decided to spend my day making some cannaoil for some wake and bake waffles im making tomorrow
  7. Just remember that any kind of hot smoke can hinder your immune system.
  8. go for it. just dont share those joints with others:(
  9. Eh risky, could make your throat a lot worse...most likely temporarily.

    Espically Joints but smoke them to yourself like others say;)
  10. I say go for it. I don't have the tonsils problem since I got them removed.
  11. ha well i couldnt roll any j's tonight because the zig zags went missing and my peice is broke so all i can do is bake some edibles which will be safer and it will be my first time trying them. I also already made the cannaoil
  12. I hear that weed is an anti-oxidant, I'm not entirely sure but perhaps it will help to relieve your sickness?
  13. Keep doin what you're doin with the edibles. Probably a safer bet, no expert but it just seems like the better option.
  14. I once made out with a chick who didn't tell me she had mono until after.

  15. Doesnt it piss you off when that happens? :devious:

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