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marijuana memory loss

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brain_stew, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. just stoned and curious...

    if someones been smokin for a long time and their memory is crap because of it, will it ever come back if one ceases to smoke for a period of time? like a tolerance break?
    thnx ppl
  2. 10 years smoking, the only time when memory loss occurs is when im stoned :smoking: But I haven't noticed anything long term..Hell I completed High School completely whacked out most of the days :\
  3. It doesn't make your long term any worse. It just makes your short term worse when you're high.
  4. right on man thanx
  5. i've been told that whgen i'am high i have severe short term memory losss lol like it's bad but i'am fine when i'am not high any more.
  6. I went from smoking A LOT to smoking once in a while and my memory got a lot better, remembered to do things etc. The biggest difference was actually dreaming again. I didn't notice at the time but I didn't remember dreams for the longest time, now I always remember them.
  7. i smoked for a year, then stopped. i noticed really no loss in my short term memory, and theres nothing saying long term memory loss can occur.
    so basically, theres nothing to worry about. keep smoking you ganj.
  8. I find that I tend to forget things when i'm high, or I forget bits and pieces that happened while I was high. Otherwise smoking for 7 years hasn't effected my memory while sober at all.
  9. i know i have really bad short term memory loss.. at work.. ill often forget what im talkin about mid sentence...when im upstairs and i need to go downstairs, say for a newspaper, ill get downstairs and ill forget what i came down for... but give me a couple of seconds ill remember what i was saying...

    im getting kinda worried.. anyone have any advice for me ?
  10. I've been toking for a couple years and I'm still ok with memory loss. I think I can still fully function
  11. it will come back, but it's definitely one of those things a lot of potheads underplay as being an actual negative side effect of weed. like the guy up there, the biggest indicator of this is actually being able to remember your dreams.

    back when i was smoking pretty frequently, late at night, or before sleep, there were periods of several months where I could NEVER remember having a dream when I awoke the next morning.

    now that I only smoke occasionally, i have and remember my dreams just about nightly
  12. Yeah I think I smoked so much daily, that i'm use to it. I remember my dreams. Is this a bad thing? lol
  13. shit man let me tell you, my memory loss has been fucking more noticable than ever.
    to be honest i forget SO MANY things. anything someone just told me; i walk away, and then i think: "shit, what the hell did he just tell me?"
    it's not cool man, sometimes it gets on my nerves.
    whatever though man the weed is worth it.
  14. weed does do permanent damage in my opinion.. that is, if you smoke a lot for a very long time haha..

    i know from family members.. my aunt that never smoked much remembers all kinds of crazy stories. but my mom and uncle, who were both stoners for years and years, cant remember any of the shit she says
  15. I've been smoking cannabis for over 43 years and have never suffered from 'memory loss' that I know of.

    What was the question again? Huh?
  16. this happens to me all the time sober, even before i started smoking

    I don't normally remember my dreams, but after smoking a bunch of vape poo I had this one that struck me as funny. For some reason it was like 3am and the landscape was patches of the UC davis campus mixed with downtown berkeley. For some reason a man was there and he was asking me what was up with my eyes...I told him I was too high to deal with it...and he laughed and said I know I haven't seen eyes like that since Woodstock...and that few seconds is all i remember
  17. strong indica = dont bother asking me anything that happened in the past 5mins

    nuthing long term for me, just when im high

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