Marijuana may be more dangerous than we thought...

Discussion in 'General' started by XColonelsPrideX, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Tonight at 11 o'clock (eastern time)- NBC4 has a story about how marijuana is more dangerous than we thought. :rolleyes:Don't forget to tune in
  2. shit r u actually serious i think i may need to watch this....fuck
  3. Wait, 11 o clock... thats.... NOW! shit! /turns on TV
  4. i just turned it on, waiting to see what they talk about

    (just a news show right?) that will talk about it?
  5. I love the stock footage in the news stories on pot. Anyone else know what I'm on about? They're so funny.
  6. Damnit what channels it on i cant find it!!!
  7. not too sure????

    XCPX, are they talking about shots being fired right now?
  8. It's on NBC. It may not be on it your area, different places have different local news. IDK why I'm even watching. (hope springs eternal)
  9. Oh lordy, looks like i need to find the remote, my last BF, and my one hitter. *Runs around franticly*

  10. yeah i got it on nbc 4 right now.....its just regular news, what i am asking is, is it just a little blurb about weed then?
  11. Yeah, she was prolly just talking about a teaser she saw.
  12. I think she was using a specific story to say our media is lame. Fuck the media. :smoke: At least that is how I wanted to take it.
  13. I was indeed talking about a teaser I saw. When I saw the teaser it said national news, but now it is local- so I dunno if you guys will get it. If you dont, I will watch and tell you all the facts about why it is such a dangerous drug!!! :smoke:
  14. what channel and maybe a online version?
  15. Figures, a bunch of stoners wait to watch something and forget until it already started. Sum1 needs to put what they said on here.
  16. ya it isnt 11 here yet......donno if ie ven have it but some1 post the facts and shit im anxious!
  17. calm down Hippy, i do not think it has come on yet, i am watching it
  18. lol, take it easy man and just watch the tv and reading all your reactions is giving me a laugh trip.

    edit: i just ate some kief...holy hell, i didnt figure id get a kick from it, hillarious.
  19. Well... it was just on. It was such a let down. They made it sound like they had this big story... nope. 15 second blurb.

    So you guys wanna know why marijuana may be more dangerous??

    ........... 3 joints = a pack of cigarettes.:rolleyes: (not in my vaporizer:)) old news.

    stupid News station.
  20. lol new people suck ass

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