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Marijuana March in Israel!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by MrGers, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I was invited via facebook to the Marijuana March in Israel on May 1st. I don't understand a lot of hebrew but basically it says that stoners from all the major cities are gonna get together in the respective cities and smoke up @ 6pm.
    x™x•x x”xžx¨x™x-x•xx x” x”x‘x™x xœxx•xžx™ 2010 x™x-x•xœ x‘x™x•x x©x‘xª x”x¨xx©x•xŸ xœxžxx™-xx x™ x‘x/x”!! | Facebook
    there's the link. i think the ale yarok party is esentially organizing it. If you're in the mid east on may first...check them out.
  2. Nice. I imagine they suffer harsher penalties over there for protesting and smoking so fair play to them. Fight the power!
  3. Actually i think weed is pretty easy in Israel, im pretty sure they have medical MJ there.
  4. Yeah my bad. Just looked around and it appears they smoke a shit ton there. It's usually one of two ways in the Middle East though: people do it because it's prevalent and the police don't care or the Government/religious establishment condemn it, have super harsh penalties and not many people do it. Appears Israel is the former despite the other oppressive/genocidal actions of their government.

  5. lol...

  6. I hang out with a few Israeli's and they smoke more dank than I do, lol.
  7. Hell yeah they would smoke heaps in the middle east. Can you say Afgan Hash straight from the source?
  8. My uncle was a photographer and spoke about his travels to the middle east, lots of cheap and high quality hash. Despite our ignorant views, Israelites like every other nationality are just people.

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