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Marijuana Makes My Face Fall

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blackmagic786, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Hey everyone. I read threads on here all the time, I had a question so I figured I should make an actual account.
    I am experiencing some really weird side effects after smoking marijuana:
    I have been smoking for two years now. The first year and a half I was a very heavy smoker and would smoke from morning to night time(roughly 6-7 times a day). Since then, I have cut it down and smoke once a week(one time is good enough now lol). When I smoke, the right side of  my face starts to HARDCORE droop. It's extremely bad to the point where I can't even go anywhere in public without EVERYONE staring at me. Any time I have went to a steak and shake late at night after a blaze session, every single person in there was staring at me making comments. This is not paranoia from being high, it's actually true. It makes me extremely self conscious and uncomfortable, and I don't know what to do about it. Does anyone else's face seem to change after they smoke marijuana? I can post pictures, but I would rather not lol.
    Edit: Also, my eyes get EXTREMELY red even after one hit. Any ideas why?

  2. Could be paranoia, Bells palsy or stroke. Be safe and get a checkup.
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    I kinda really wanna see a picture haha

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    I also thought it could be one of these, but it occurs every single time I smoke. I have never encountered someone with similar symptoms after smoking mj. This is definitely tripping me out tho..I am going to get checkout out next week and get a CT-Scan to make sure everything is okay.
    I will post one in a little bit. Just note that this is not what I look like when I'm sober haha.
  5. We got you bro haha

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  6. im not sure but when i hit my bong sometimes i feel my lips droop but when im finished hitting it that doesnt happen so idk man i think you should go to a doc
  7. bro same shit happeneds to me we should blaze asap coming out of oc ca
  8. i get droop face too lol most awk when i get stoned with females ... im always wearing shades tho
  9. maybe its a sub conscious thing. maybe just forget about it. dont smoke and think about it. smoke alone for a while and just chill out at home. wait a few weeks( you say once a week now so one day outta 7 being a lazy panda isnt bad) and maybe it'll just go away. thats another thought

    - Y'all went to high school I went to school high -
  10. It happens man, not much you can do about it honestly. When I get really high I get a bad lazy eye where one eye is almost closed. Its just your bodies reaction.
  11. Same thing happens to me, I smoked heavily everyday for 2 years then I stopped now occasionaly when I do my face does the expect same thing... and I smile really extremely. Did you find out what it was or stop it?
  12. The same thing happens to my left side of my face to where I can't open my left eye open all the even, maybe half as open as the right eye. I know it's not in my head because everyone around me points it out before I notice. I smoke daily and I find its only after longgg sessions, or big dabs that it happens. I was scared to post on here thinking everyone would call me a billy.

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