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Marijuana makes me poop?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by HEdu, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Seriously ever since i started smoking i have had to shit constantly. it used to be maybe once every day or two, but now i shit like 2-3 times a day! Does anyone else experience this? Are my bowels just fucked up? :confused:
  2. I smoke on the shitter all the time and forget to wipe my ass. Sike haha but I noticed it when I first started but I thought it was from the all of the food I was eating
  3. Marijuana is known to cure constipation, it's entirely normal.
  4. Maybe it's the fact you get high and eat more food/unhealthy food and not actually the weed itself
  5. i have to poop a lil while after smoking cigs :eek:
  6. Impossible cannabis blocks receptors in the GI Tract resulting in slowed bowel movements.

  7. If you eat something your stomach can't handle, you're going to shit regardless of it blocking receptors
  8. your bum is giving praise

    be thankful my friend
  9. You'd more likely just throw up
  10. I love taking a nice decent sized shit, not so big that it hurts, just the right size... then freezing it and using it as a dildo for my dog.
  11. :hide:

  12. i agree 100% thats just common sense
  13. That's another good thing about marijuana I didn't know 'til now. :hello:
  14. the first reply on here cracks me up.lol keep em blazinn :smoke:
  15. This made me lol.
    But it does make sense because taking shits feels even better when your blazedd :smoking:
  16. WOW, ive been wondering this too. i take 2-3 decent to great sized shits a day now. usually like 2 in the morning to get everything out hahahah

    probably cause i eat so much when im baked, i munch out.. never gain a pound though

    real fast metabolism
  17. I used to only shit ever 3-5 days, I hear thats unhealthy. But now i shit atleast once a day. if not more =D
  18. Never had to shit from smoking weed...I'v etaken shits after I smoked, but that wasn't cause of the weed lol.

    Tobacco though, fuck. Every time I put a dip in in school, I can barely hold the shit back until I get home. It's one of those "hurts so good" shits every time.
  19. I lol'd at the serious discussion of weed making you shit
  20. After my first cig of the day I always have to drop a duce after. I think its because I get relaxed.

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