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Marijuana magazine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dave999, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    What would, in your opinion, be the best weed magazine to subscribe to?
    Please give reason for your choice, as I am going to subscribe to one soon.

    thanks everyone :)
  2. anyone help?
  3. what makes it better than others?
  4. high times. makes it better cuz of the production value and is more informitive as aposed to as some hippy handing out his thought of the week flyer on a street corner
  5. high times
  6. not a subscriber currently but the few cannabis culture articles i've read have been very good and the 4 or 5 copies of weed world are very good too.
  7. High Times is the shit
  8. well i have a subscription for a few of them, one of them of course is high times, also hempire, and Nug magazine. the last one is just a SD regional magazine which is the one i like the best because its local.
  9. cool, so would you say high times is definitely worth a buy? What sort of articles does it include?
  10. #12 LineControl, Jan 28, 2010
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    why not take a trip on the train to the interwebz, next stop.. High Times > Home :)

    EDIT: almost anything these days has some sort of web site or review! Google is your friend. Much faster than asking here, the search button may be of use as well.

    not bashing or anything, im too high to be offensive... im just spitting out words as they pop into my head :smoking: :smoking:
  11. They don't seem to sell high times here (UK) or at least not seen anywhere sell it. Online it's expensive to get shipped over too, but maybe worth it, unless another Brit can point me towards another magazine?

    weird, been barging into other's posts today.
  12. shit if you're in england then definitely get weed world. it's great and written over here
  13. High timeeeesssssssss
  14. High Times FTW! Definitely worth the buy. 35 years+ really taught them how to produce a quality magagreen.
  15. I know the popular answer is high times. I like it too, however I really dig "treating yourself" magazine because it has articles about the legal status in certain states and news about the industry. In my opinion it really gives you the most information about the counter culture compared to other magazines.
  16. i read high times and skunk both are great.
  17. they're all awful. just absolutely terrible, worthless rags, but cannabis culture is at least tolerable and contains factual information. High Times is one of the most uninformative, bullshit, seedy (no pun intended) magazines ever in the history of print.
  18. Really that bad? Someone must disagree out there. I have no input due to not reading them but your comment jd4083 really contrasts with what everyone else is saying. I presumed high times would be quite informative what with the weed cup events and so on.

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