Marijuana Lowers Risk Of Suicide.

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  1. A new study from Germany found that in states with legalized medical marijuana programs the suicide rate has gone done by almost 5 percent in the total suicide rate, 11 percent reduction in males aged 20 to 29 and a 9 percent reduction in 30 to 39 year old males. 
    "The strong association between alcohol consumption and suicide related outcomes found by previous researchers (Markowitz et al. 2003; Carpenter 2004; Sullivan et al. 2004; Rodriguez Andres 2005; Carpenter and Dobkin 2009) raises the possibility that medical marijuana laws reduce the risk of suicide by decreasing alcohol consumption."


  2. because why kill yourself when you can smoke weed?
  3. Right. 
    But Marijuana is known to help with depression and considering suicide can stem from depression it makes sense. But IMO if you're prone to frequent bouts of depression/suicidal thoughts heavy consumption of Marijuana could make it worse. About a year ago I read something stating that for smokers that smoke to help with depression the "sweet spot is only smoking once every 2 days maybe once a day". But everybody is different so yeah.
  4. it mostly depends on the individual i think but obviously marijuana makes you feel better
  5. Yeah but in terms of suicide and depression, physically feeling good doesn't play that big of a role, this is more on the effects on the brain.
    eh i think that depends on the individual though. depends on the individual's interpretation of those effects? idk
  7. When I used to be really depressed like two years ago, marijuana helped me out SO much. I believe it. 
  8. Really? Who would've guessed. :rolleyes:
  9. Lets hear the anti-cannabis people argue how the reduction in suicides is a bad thing.
  10. Its all about the quality of the errb.

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