Marijuana Loosing Its Magic

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Here is a question that has been on my mind for a bit. I have heard from a ot of people who are long time marijuana users and they say that after a while marijuana tends to loose its magic.

    Even Terence McKenna (modern philosopher) said " after a while cannabis looses its ability to really catapult you into the unspeakable!"

    Is this true for everybody?

    Do some people still experience that unspeakable magic that marijuana once had for them ?
  2. The excitement has dwindled quite a bit.......and then I met your momma :devious:
  3. it's called tolerance. everyone needs to stop smoking the herb for a while (atleast a month) everyonce in a while to lower their tolerance. sure you can smoke everyday for 5 years, but are you really even getting that high?
  4. True that mane. I smoked er day for like 4 years and now Im on like month 3 of my break. Gonna do my job drug test and then get high as fuck. I know for a fact that it will indeed be magical :D
  5. damn 3 months! haha that's nice dude you truely are gonna have a magical time my dude haha. make sure you bump some wiz when you're doing it!
  6. 6-7 years of toking... i'm not anywhere near, beginning to become "bored" with the effects of cannabis.... I thought after i got my med card, maybe the feeling you get when you get that new sack would start to fade, or maybe the effect of getting shit, that was WAY danker than the usual chronic would fade....i still love getting my new oz every 2 weeks, such a nice feeling.... And even tho im sure the quality is pretty leveled out at the top for medical, it seems like every time i go in, the weed gets better, the high gets better, and im more pleased than i was a week ago lol.... I guess for some people it gets old, and for some its a life long companionship. Just depends on the person
  7. It's never going to be as good as it was when you first started smoking. Once you gain tolerance, those days of euphoria are long gone. 6 years later I still enjoy the herb but it's not the exact same as I remember. I'm almost certain this goes for anyone who has smoked the herb for a while.

  8. I think tolerance is something personal, ive been smoking as long as you 6-7 years, not 100% sure when i took that first toke lol but im in between those years... and i get fucking retarded high when i smoke a bowl like i did 4-5 years ago, of course its not like... the first month where you feel like your tripping fuckin balls when you get high, but i still get SUPER high from a bowl.... i can just handle being, more high that i could back then, like i can sit and smoke 5 bowls and im fucking completely gone, no sense will come from my mouth, but im good to go still, and i remember it all, i dont like phase out or anything.... its kinda nice lol.... no tolerance but also, no limit on how high i can feel without the "beginners anxiety" that comes with a low tolerance
  9. I'm quite the opposite and I know a few others that are as well. Nowadays, I can only get so high before I plateau. After that, no amount of the finest weed, nor any method of smoking, will get me any higher. Period.

    It's been like this 3 for years now.

    If your tolerance is as low as you say after these years of continuous (?) smoking, you should count yourself extremely lucky.

  10. Could just be a boulder thing, were at a mile high, the weeds always bomb... and abundant. Yes it was constant smoking, the only times i have not smoked atleast once during a day was if i went on a vacation, and none of them surpass 5 days in length. I have gone through periods where i would experience a tolerance, i would smoke and just feel eh, i could be much higher, but they pass without me changing my smoking schedule or anything, ive been smoking a half oz a week for.....3 years now, and before im sure it was close, but i wasnt actually buying it in oz's every 2 weeks, just a quad here, quad there and so on...till i got smart and realized the money saving in buying more, less often lol. If i had my med card the whole time it would probably have been more constant, but for the most ive been buying an oz every 2 weeks for a long time....loooong time
  11. I don't get as high as I used to, still get high though so it's nothing I worry about.
  12. The only thing you can do is move on to harder drugs :rolleyes:
  13. The way I think of it is MJ is a safer alternative to smoking tabacco. Most people smoke cigs to calm nerves or tension, whereas I smoke weed to achieve the same state in a much safer way.

    I've been smoking multiple times a day for a year and a half and I cannot get completely blitzed anymore. Edibles wont even do the trick anymore. But hell, it still gets me to go in "chill mode". ;) I actually like having a tolerance because I can smoke as much as I want, get high, and still go about my day without hindrance.
  14. This and only this. Don't delude yourself people.

    It doesn't have the same magic as the first year I was doing it. It is sad but true. But I take more breaks than most people so I tend to get uber baked every time I smoke.

    Unless I'm sharing like a bowl with 3-4 people
  15. Most people do it wrong thats why. I started smoking (again) on a daily basis like a year and a half ago and still get the same feeling. I started with bluntweed, then slowly upgraded to chronic then to the medical that i get now. Works like a charm 2-3 hits and im right where i wanna be every time.
  16. yea it does lose its magic. i tried many long tbreaks, and tried only smoking once a week, etc, but no matter what attempts i make, tolerance wise, and with other matters, the difference is hardly noticeable. even after a 3 month tbreak, i got pretty high the first couple times, but it wasn't anything like when i first started smoking... i was simply... more high than usual, in no special way. i like edibles quite a lot though, but they aren't quite "magical." i like them because they remind me of painkillers, which is saying something coming from me
  17. It's like how Sirsog said,there's no limit on how high i can feel without the "beginners anxiety" that comes with a low tolerance,which is awesome~ :metal:
  18. yup. Its not as fun as it used to be, and even with tolerence breaks its still boring. Anything you do for extended periods of time will get boring ( generally speaking )
  19. I just went out and smoked a 3.5 g blunt to my face in less than 10 mins and I don't feel high at all.

    T-Break time... hello!

    I usually go on breaks for like 2-5 days and just do them like once every month or two. The magic comes back.
  20. Kurt Cobain had once said, "After a while all drugs get as boring as breathing air."

    I personally have found this to be true. After long-term, frequent use, all drugs get boring.

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