marijuana look alike

Discussion in 'General' started by guLLy, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. i got excited for a second
  2. Looks like poison ivy kid...
    Not sure tho.
  3. not at all.


  4. okay. Just saw 3 leaves and thought, hmm maybe its poison ivy.
  5. there's lots of plants that have 3 leaves............... :confused:
  6. you must bee looking at the wrong one
  7. yeah, i've got the same shit in my yard... i saw it yesterday and also got excited for a sec, cuz i had actually planted some weed seeds back there. lol.
  8. One day when I was still living with my parents, I was walking on this nature path by their neighborhood and I was scouting around behind it and saw all these stalky looking plants with six long leaves and stuff. Turned out to be corn but I freaked for a second because I had to get up closer to fully inspect them. They were all planted in neat rows and everything in this small clearing. Looked perfect for a grow-op so that's what I assumed it was at first.

    Not sure how many cartels are jumping in on the Corn Black Market but just watch, it's going to get big. $3 a bushel! I'll have all the dank corn connections: Flint corn, Dent Corn, Waxy Corn.
  9. ahh shit son, hook me up with your corn connect. I'll give you some free crack. :D
  10. Might be Japanese Maple.
  11. Looks nothing at all like a marijuana plant to me.
  12. Looks like a sprout, kinda...

    But those cinquefoil plants are the worst.
  13. 35568106.IMG_2210_NN.jpg
    Hows that for getting your hopes up?

    Shit grows all over the place in Crane Missouri...

    Ditch Weed.
  14. i've seen this all the time and i thought it looked a little like buds but never actually thought it was
  15. It honestly doesnt really look like a marijuana plant.

    Also, do you really need two threads for this?:rolleyes:
  16. Learn to use the search button or GTFO!
  17. Agreed. When I was younger, my aunt gave my mom one of these and didn't tell her what kind of plant it was. So we thought it was, as my dad would say, "marihuana". She called my aunt, and it turned out it was a Japanese Maple.
  18. I'm assuming that was directed at the gentleman who started this post...?
  19. anyone know what this might be? ive always seen it growing in massachusetts, and know it as indian weed. a couple of times it has produced what looked like fuzzy pod like buds. it has a pleasant aroma green and when burned. Please help! Thanks:confused:


  20. Was there a need for this? :confused: You can always nicely ask that he search next time. Surely there's no harm in being polite about it. The only thing you should be flaming is your pot, which judging by your tone, you could use some.

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