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marijuana literacy - please add your post

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by keitanakano, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I begin.


    "That the lord loved his fellows that much that he gaveth them mari juana"

    Kaluntas, 9:24


    please write something funny, artistic, weird or poetric when you are high, and just laughed about that *line*
  2. I like turtles

  3. A poem I wrote when i was blazed :smoke:, its about those amazing summer days when your just smoking with your friends.

    Let happiness drift, and while your smile lifts.

    Look up to the sky, and let the clouds take you away.

    Let excitement build, and while your mind instills.

    Look at the sun, and let the rays shine through your day.

    Let sorrow slip, and while your muscles lose their grip.

    Look up at the trees, and let the leaves show the way.

    Let worries melt, and while your memories svelte.

    Look to your friend, and let the laughter fray.

    When your feat touch the ground, and when the light

    fades, and when there is no wind in the air, and the

    laughter rings, you know it was a good day.
  4. "I go to the university of smoke marijuana."
  5. "We had join we had fun,
    we had hash and marijuan,
    but the dope we would toke
    wasn't all a little bloke."

    Seasons in the sun!

    does anyone know, there is a marijuana version of this song, heard it 10 yers ago. pls.
  6. I dedicate this post to grasscity!! Much love
  7. As we now know everything only happens only out of previous occurance.
    And the beginnings of the internet can be traced back to about the time when it started.

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