Marijuana Legalization, Regulation Taxation - Most Comprehensive List Of Talking Points

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  1. My goal is to create the most comprehensive, visually presentable, exhaustive list of arguments for marijuana's legalization.
    The list is here:
    It took a lot of time and effort to get it to where is is now, but I help from the community to give feedback and tell me what needs to be added, changed, and modified to make it the most useful list of talking points for us to defend ourselves with.
    You'll notice I have all arguments cited by real studies, organizations, academics, etc... because as we all know there's nothing to hide.
    Please, if you have the time, try and help me with this task.
    In my experience, no work is completed until it has been picked to pieces.
    So next time you have to write an essay; next time someone criticizes you lifestyle; next time someone wants to convince you the marijuana is such a "criminal" activity, you'll be able to fight back with the facts.

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    Marijuana should not be taxed or regulated unless you want the industry to be dominated only by corporations who have the money to buy politicians and influence legislation.
    Government is the tool of the elite, and there has never been a monopoly that did not result from government control of or intervention in that particular industry.
  3. It is nonsense such as these statements that will continue to keep marijuana smokers/growers in prision cells. IF government has been hijacked it is because "the people" became indifferent and apathetic to the control they had as individual voters. The people allowed the corporate world to take control of this country and when the corporate world saw how easy it was to manipulate an apathetic society they went for the jugular. The people became couch potatoes stuck in front of their TV screens hungry for more divisive "news" entertainment as the corporate controlled media fine tuned their manipulative skills and gave us what we wanted. "United we stand, Divided we fall" became some old stupid saying as we drove ourselves further and further apart until we reached the point we could agree on nothing, congress could agree on nothing, and "the people" accepted this status quo as the reality America has become. IF the government is the tool of the elite, WE gave the elite the reigns and went to the fridge for more snacks between commercials as our favorite pundits tore each other apart.
    Marijuana should be legal. Marijuana should be taxed. Marijuana should be regulated. Marijuana should be made available to any person of legal age to consume withyout fear of imprisionment, persecution, or damage to repuatation. ONLY when "the people" wake up, get up off their fat asses and shut off Foxnews, CNN, MSNBC and all other corporate media outlets and begin once again to think for themselves, and take back this country from the corrupted finance system we have devolved into will America once again stand the possibility of resuming her role as a respected world leader, and Americans as respected world citizens.

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