Marijuana legalization 9-11 Truth Concert & Ron Paul Fundraiser in Toronto August 18

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    "all net proceeds will be donated to ron paul 2012 presidential election campaign in the pursuit of libertarian freedom & democracy, including elimination of the federal reserve, preservation of net neutrality & full decriminalization of marijuana. Dimitri the lover, manager of the scumballys, will address the crowd with his thoughts of 9-11, the new world orders conspiracy to feminize men, and where the world is heading the next few years."

    1) they shouldnt support democracy. Democracy has gone mainstream with the democratic party and all of the wars about bringing the people democracy. We are a constitutional republic. I pray to god the U.S. never becomes a democracy.

    'democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding whats for lunch.' - benjamin franklin

    2) decriminalization is not the right answer. We need legalization. LEGALIZATION. decriminalization solves nothing EXCEPT for the jail time!!

    3) not sure what his thoughts are on 9-11 but im guessing if hes not a dumb conspiracy theorist, he should focus on the 'false flag operation' idea and building 7. Theres a lot of bullshit in 'loose change' for example that gave the people against 9-11's official story a bad name! I hope hes done his research well enough to know about all the facts surrounding 9-11.

    4) im not really sure what to say about the NWO's plan to make men feminist? :laughing: i agree the NWO is a possibility with a world currency, world government and total control. I agree the bankers are a danger.

    RON PAUL 2012

    [ame=]Yung Glynn - Wake Up Anti Illuminati New World Order Federal Reserve Freemason Truth Music - YouTube[/ame]

    WAKE UP!
  3. This event is pretty exciting for me. I am both a pot activist and 9-11 Truther. It takes a lot of courage for a guy like "Dimitri The Lover" to put himself squarely in the cross hairs of both the New World Order and the police. I hope everyone goes out to support him and lets all of their friends know about it.

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