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marijuana legal grow licence

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by alexakis, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. hi guys,just saw a video with some guy who said he had a legal grow space for medical use marijuana.just wondering how you can get one?any other information about the subject feel free to post them:)
  2. In California you can get your 215 card and grow legally. I believe 12 seedlings and 6 matures. Im not sure about the other states on the leniency of it so I would check. :smoking:
  3. Every state is different. Most states you can't do it at all. In California we can get a prescription or caregiver's license. Even with prescription or caregiver's license you risk going to jail, because most cops don't care. My lawyer said the paperwork does not give you the right to grow weed, it just gives you a defence if caught doing so. Should not be that way, but times are changing.
  4. So, is it legal or illegal? Or is it both? Federal government being a harsh mistress, and all that.
  5. The DA in my town in SoCal said he will still arrest anyone growing weed and let the courts sort them out.
  6. thanks guys really helpfull:)
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    It's a much different attitude here in RI. Over-regulated but compassionate.

    I have an open door policy with my local law enforcement. They've been here, seen the grow and now I have "protection" of sorts,....let me explain.

    I went to a recent meeting at the health dept regarding the opening of our first dispensary. They wanted the publics input as to the wording etc, before it all becomes statute. There was a narcotics detective from Providence Police there and he made a comment that really rang true, it was regarding the confidentiality of the list of involved patients and caregivers.

    When you 1st signed up for a card, they posted everywhere that this list is confidential and WILL NOT be made available to local law enforcement. They did this to reassure the applicant's.

    well, that was when it was all new,...3 yrs later, however, it's much more understood that this is "for real".

    The detectives point was that they need to know so they can protect us and not waste precious resources within the dept.

    Ex given was that they got a call from a neighbor that was sure the guy next door was growing. After investing in the investigation it turned out the guy was legal. The detective brought up the point that had he been able to contact the health dept and ask if "John Smith" was involved in the program, they could have nipped it in the bud. On top of that, if he had known there was pot being grown in that house, he would notify the beat officers so they knew and could keep an eye out. Add it to the night detail, etc

    This prompted me to contact my local police. I had them over to see the grow, signed a hippa form to release my confidentiality and let them know that they are welcome here any time. My logs also, are open to them.

    I go to work at 2am. The next morning on my way out of the house (6 apt historic house), there was a cop sitting right out front. I went and introduced myself, asked if he'd like a coffee and thanked him for adding me to their detail. They are out there maybe 3 out of the 7 nights a week. I also live on a corner and the side street is a good place for them to watch the main st traffic unseen. It's a strategic win/win for them to be there and a reassuring sight for me when I leave and lock up.

    My own personal security. :D

    My point is that they are all different but a lot of their perception of this program is what you show them. If they continually bust houses with more than allowed #'s of plants etc,....that's going to be the locals perception. If you treat them with respect, you'll get the same back.

    To become a grower/caregiver in RI, you have to have a card holder add you as a caregiver, get the BCI check and send it all with a $75 check to the health dept. You'll get a letter a few weeks later asking you to come in for your picture for your card. It took longer to park the car

  8. one more point.

    Every state has "patient advocacy" groups or coalitions. They often have a list of patients that need caregivers.

    Good luck and remember, this isn't a license to be a drug dealer. With your card comes a responsibility that will be examined in the future as states who want this program, look to existing states as an example. Represent well, we are the foundation for national change.
  9. countys also differ. i live in california and the ca card only lets you have 12 plants or something but you can get a 215 prescription for your county instead if it happens to be more. here in humboldt you can have up to 99 plants. but no matter where you live the feds can arrest you cause by fed laws marijuana is illegal any where in the united states.
  10. My understanding is that this is true if you just have a recommendation, it's basically up to the officer if they want to arrest you or not, then you have to use the fact that you have a rec as a legal defense when you go to court.

    However, a lot of the individual counties have their own card program, it's an extra fee and your name in a database, but my understanding is that if you have that card, you cannot be arrested if you are within the legal limits.

    In the end, it's probably going to depend a lot on what county you are in, as some are doing their best to ignore the laws until they are forced to do otherwise by the courts.
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    It's only a matter of time before one of us is on "COPS",lol,...

    Bad boys, bad boys, whatchya gonna do? Whatchya gonna do if he's got a card for you...?"

    I think the fact that RI is so small, it will be nice to be avoiding all these issues, we have 1 set of laws that apply to all card holders regardless of recommendation or county residency

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