Marijuana leaves overlapping and wilting

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    1B39EFFB-5F5F-47A3-BFE1-B85287D48416.jpeg E24F2B35-29F0-407E-A30C-15539E72A88E.jpeg 0B02BC07-81F6-4E80-9FAB-343A2A532571.jpeg 1B39EFFB-5F5F-47A3-BFE1-B85287D48416.jpeg AF135A0C-F8CA-4AC2-852C-7F49599A2329.jpeg 0B02BC07-81F6-4E80-9FAB-343A2A532571.jpeg what is going on with these plants?? I assumed at first it was overwatering so I watered less and allowed the plants to dry out for a while then watered and I feel like if anything the plants are becoming worse this is my first grow out of ohio
  2. We need more info to help you......
    Soil type, ph, watering schedule, nutrients, etc.....
    I'm not a soil grower but it looks like hooking which is a sign on nitrogen toxicity. How close is it to your fans?
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