Marijuana leaf modifications

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Psychedelion420, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I was wondering if i can modify the fan leaves from my plant like for instance cutting of a piece of leaf from the fan leaf itself to make it look less like cannabis
  2. If you want to stress it and kill it, yes. Not a good ideas, there are a few strains that don't have the distinctive cannabis look. Look into those.
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  3. I dont clip the whole leaf, when one is covering a bud. Just as much as i need

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  4. You can and might even get away with it but you shouldn't and will surely reduce yield. Instead of ending up with a bigger plant by flower your gonna have a slow growing stressed out plant and once the buds pop out all of that will be pointless cuz at that point it's unmistakable and smells especially when windy
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  5. Ah fuckin beat me to it. Good call.

    I was also going to say you could also grow a variety of lookalike in the area right in the open to throw people off. Not one so close like Kenaf, but one so similar but obviously different that one or two actual bud plants hiding behind them may go unnoticed.

    I've done this and was surprised by how well it worked.

    Cassava, Scarlet Hibiscus, Cranberry Hibiscus or a coral plant.
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  6. Pride of Madeira, bee balm and lavender are good choices too.

    Cranberry hibiscus is one of my favorite things to eat and grows prolifically.
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