Marijuana: Jorge's RX (Paperback)

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    Marijuana: Jorge's RX[​IMG]

    Product Description
    "Jorge's RX" column in High Times magazine advises growers and medical marijuana users how to grow the best possible marijuana. This book is packed with information on First Time Growing, Security, Medical Marijuana, Outdoor Growing, Light, Containers, Water, Nutrients, Leaching, Fertilizer, Hydroponics, Air, CO2, Odor, Pests, Diseases, Seeds and Seedlings, Cloning/Mothers, Transplanting, Flowering, Harvest, Drying, Hash, and much more!

    Marijuana: Jorge's RX[​IMG]
  2. nice , marijuana
  3. got this book from a friend, just read it. not bad, some decent tidbits of info. some questions/answers sort of overlapped and kinda repeated themselves. i got dj short's book at the same time and got a lot more useful info out of that than Jorge's Rx book, but you can skim through the Rx book in a day or two. very light read.
  4. I might get this!

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