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Marijuana is Not Medicine

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Fluke, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. They\'ve finally Proven it!

    Summed up in the first two paragraphs, \"marijuana is not medicine\", When a young woman took an extacy pill and began \"dying from \"drugs\"\" her friends \"stuffed marijuana leaves into her mouth\" and she died shortly after. Now some may say that was caused by a bodily intolerance of extacy, But I know it was caused by \"evil juice\" in the marijuana leaves. We must not legalize marijuana (i.e. devil\'s weed, killer of youth, American-flag-burnin\'-eagle-killin\'-apple-pie-stompin\'-baseball-hatin\'-grass). We must trust President Bush and the drug czar, and the DEA, they only want whats best for us........<whip cracks> When will you crazy evil-doers learn??

    When your Right, your Right.

    It\'s all truth..iness

  2. :confused_2::confused::devious:
  3. Uhhhh,........:laughing:
  4. Your kidding right.........
  5. HA! i knew i had heard that story before! Then i saw the date and thought... wait what? today? then i saw it was from 05.

    I remember hearing this story, yea its stupid.
  6. i love all the emoticons in this thread :p



  7. man this guy is a dick. hes the same guy that posted that pointless thread yesterday, entitled \"i dont care\" . the onlny thing he posted was, i dont mind and i dont have a mind or something like that. i really call for this guy to be banned, anyone else agree?
    Just Blaze It.....
  8. In your slight confusion and mild giggling, your only making matters worse. Of course \"some\" people want \"drugs\" \"legalized,\" especially ruthless, voilent, \"drug\" dealers, who will be put out of business when the \"drug\"-\"supermarkets\" take over, freeing up their time and forcing them to get REAL (minimum-wage) jobs. But think of the adverse effect it will have on \"enforcing\" \"drugs.\" Now, I realize that some of you actually beleave that marijuana is harmless, or at least much less harmful than, oh... say... PROZAC (ask your doctor \"IT\'S RIGHT FOR ME, ISN\'T IT!), but try imaging a world where ALL drugs are legal, as violence and addiction rape our women and the asian/canadian smugglers try to eat our puppies..... all of a sudden pro-legalization efforts look pretty stupid doesn\'t it?
  9. yea im wit just blaze it on this one and he should be banned

  10. Of course
  11. haha ya trust Mr. Bush :rolleyes:

    The story is ridicolous though

  12. No, Bush is a total screw-up, this entire thread is based upon sarcasum used to express feelings of absurdity towards our government, i think someone had to have gotten that. You guys seriously need to watch the Colbert Report.
  13. clarify youre sarcasm next time
  14. This just in........ More on the case above where an innocent white christian girl was choked to death with evil marihuana leaves by her satan-posesed extacy dealer because quote, \"they heard marijuana was sometimes used to treat cancer patients\"....... unfortunatley it hasn\'t stopped there. New reports of adolecence performing everything from major surgery to rectal exams on their peers simply from seeing it on television are constantly surfacing. More distrubingly young children are dying from playing \"doctor\" everyday. CURSE YOU, YOU EVIL WEED!! The myths really are killing us.

  15. That takes the fun out of it.

  16. yea, but showing your sarcasm is the only way to not come off as a douche.(no offense) I mean how did you think people were gonna react. It is a pro-marijuana forum.
  17. lol... i got it the first time!?

  18. Yeah I made it as obvious as I could...

    \"evil juice\".... the claim that bud is evil
    American-flag-burnin\'-eagle-killin\'apple-pie-stompin\'-baseball-hatin\'-grass...the claim that toking is unpatriotic, how much more obvious can I be other than saying the czar is a a total moron -- while true, its boring
  19. Shit son, you gon\' sit there and tell me Mary-jane aint my medication? \'Niga you dumb!\' (Not in a racist context!)
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