Marijuana is not dangerous! READ THIS IF YOU AGREE,OR DONT!

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  1. Tobacco.....................340,000-395,000
    Alcohol(including crime/accidents)..125,000
    Prescription drug overdose....24,000-27,000
    Prescription drug - deaths.....100,000
    Illegal drug overdose.............3800-5200
    Marijuana............................0* *Ever

    These are the amount of deaths by using substances


    Marijuana is not addictive. People can become "psychologically dependant" as doctors term it(fienders as stoners term it). People can also become "psychologically dependant" to food and sex. Three things which aren't harmful in NORMAL doses, yet you crave it more and more. Also, about 10% of Americans have an "addictive" personality. In which they can become addicted to practically everything from poptarts, to marijuana, to work. That is just them and their personalities, they can't blame the thing they are addicted to. Obese people can't blame the food, people addicted to sex can't blame their genitals. So why should an addict who is addicted to pot blame marijuana. A study done at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) indicates that heavy marijuana smokers show less evidence of lung injury than tobacco smokers. The myth of "one marijuana joint equals ten cigarettes" no longer holds up because it has been proven wrong over and over again. Even if it were true, cigarettes are still worse because the average cigarette smoker who has been smoking for a while, smokes on average, a pack a day. To where as the average marijuana smoker does not smoke twenty joints in a day, only around a few joints a week or less. So it is not even close to as harmful as they say it is.

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    in many of the recent studdies with monkeys and rats they have been using SRI not THC therefore they are not studding pot , but another substance!

  2. The FDA has approved it.

    The DEA basically told them to fuck off, and that it was staying illegal.

    It's only illegal because of stupid laws that nobody wants to change, even though they're wrong and afraid to admit otherwise.

    I mean, shit, the DEA tried to outlaw HEMP FOOD!

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