Marijuana is legal in....?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420dave, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. Can someone list all the countries in which marijuana is legal?
  2. Its not in England i know that for sure :)

  3. Well in some places its not a matter of legality but just the fact that no one cares. But I know they can toke it up in jamaica. =)

  4. most 3rd world countrys don't give a fuck
  5. it's not so much a matter of where is it illigal...but where do they overgrow said in most 3rd world countires people dont care
  6. yeah but i think if your living in any 3rd world country pot isnt on your mind. I think any money goes to food or shelter.
  7. in gambia they blaze every 5-10 mins (citation - DaJoint trip to africa)
  8. Gambia eh??

    Anyone know how to get to Gambia from NYC?

    By means of public transportation if possible..
  9. It's legal in Amsterdam.
  10. actually i was planning a vacation me and my friends want to go on a vacation and we weren't quite sure where to go and i wanted a place i could toke and nobody would say anything not even cops i know it's legal in jamaica and i was already thinking of going there and that's probably where we'll end up going thanks to all who replied though
  11. Although tolerated generally, and abundant, It is NOT legal in Jamaica!!!!! And a cop in a bad mood can really FUCK you world!!! A very close friend found that out last summer, it cost him a small fortune to "clear" up his legal problems!!
    Just be a little discreet though, and you can have a blast!! You will be approached often with opportunities to score, but it's safer to deal with Hotel staff or someone that also has something to lose by gettin' popped!
    Also remember Jamaica is the murder capitol of the world, and Tourists are fair game!! :smoke:
  12. Yeah i've heard some stories from Jamaica. The natives aren't as friendly as they appear to be on the commercials. My friend's uncle was carjacked. But thats just what i've heard.
  13. i was just in mexico and u can get tones of weed for cheap (it sucks but its weed) i literally had guys aproach me from the street asking if i wanted any i couldnt get any ( i was with a church trip (god damn mom i luv her but cmon)) but its still illegal.....

  14. are you sayin netherland natives arn't nice to americans?
    plz explain...just wondering

  15. the wonderful herb IS legal in jamaica, it hasn't been legal for long they just legalized it a few month or two ago but it IS legal now, and i've been to mexico a few times w/ some of my friends and we smoked ourselves stupid because weed is so cheap there it's not the best weed but the quantity you can buy more than makes up for it
  16. COOL!! any time a barrier against personal freedom falls it's another step in the right direction!! Hope ya'll enjoy your vacation!!
    My info was based on the experiance of a very close friend in August of this year, and I'm glad to hear of the change!! :smoking:
  17. Equador-Jamaca-i think Columbia
  18. i think most of southern america isn't really harsh on the herb

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