Marijuana is god.

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  1. Okay. Think about this.
    Now personally I don't believe in god but IF HE WAS REAL. Marijuana is him on Earth.

    Think about it you guys.
    Like smoking marijuana is how you get into heaven.
    Like god was up there just chillin. and he was like. "I'm going to make a way for people to go to heaven but it has to be difficult. i'll make a plant and if people smoke enough of it, they'll die and go to heaven."

    And we all know that you can't die from smoking weed. But you know that if you did smoke a huuuuuge amount in a veryy little amount of time you'd die from carbon monoxide poisoning or some shit.
    So that's how it's god. If someone were to actually overdose on marijuana they would already be in heaven because they got fucking high as shit. Which I am right now. :smoking: It makes perfect sense to me right now.
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  2. most idiotic thing i have ever seen
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  3. ya so basically

    god is in de clouds

    clouds is high

    we keep getting high

    and higher and higher. and eventually reach god.

    no but ok my grandma insists that marijuana is from the devil. its so funny trying to here her response, after i ask her to ever smoke some.
    she drinks coffee twice a day everyday and 73 but marijuan is deee devil hehehehe
  4. and the Worst Logic of the Year award goes to....

  5. What religion is that? I kinda like it.

  6. the guatamanese egyrhino fantickle tri sabertooth lion tri atha-marathon terry fox of hope jumping jax religionism ism
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  7. I kno rite?

    :bongin: :smoking:
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  8. Well thats not exatley how it works you have to stop sinning to go to heaven but im sure smoking the herb is not a sin its medicine to the brain to see whats really the truth.
  9. I dunno about all that.. But I do think that when you're high you're closer to God, just for being in such a positive state of mind, just like when you're in the middle of some of the happiest moments of your life, you feel fucking great. It's a taste of Heaven. It's how Heaven can be on Earth just like Hell.
  10. You're just high

  11. Dude I just spent 5 minutes trying to read and understand this

  12. by god i think hes got it!

  13. im blazed as shit and it just rolled off the tip of my tongue. :confused_2::smoking:
  14. Your smoking god? How disrespectful.
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    post two-hundred

    I somewhat agree

    I dont think marijuana is 'god' or 'God'
    but I do believe strongly - marijuana could be a 'key' toward opening 'doorway' toward more fulfilling lively existence - perhaps eternally

    though I believe marijuana is strong - there perhaps are some other 'keys' to be able to open the 'doorway' properly

    Marijuana is the tree of knowledge. When we smoke it our subconscious is just opened to the all knowing. Everything makes sense. However God displeased the taking from the tree of knowledge. Our blood vessels in our eyes become so bloated from the rapid heart rate and shift in consciousness (consciousness is mostly in the eyes and awareness) that we appear as a who has taken from the tree of knowledge.
  17. Holy shit I was stoned when I posted that. I don't even remember typing half of it.
    >.> haha this is the stupidest thing I've ever thought up while high.

  18. hehehe marijuana is a girl :p :laughing:

    And if anything DMT is God because a ton of it floods the brain when your die:hippie:
  19. Ohh dude I totally forgot about Mary Jane. This throws my whole theory off. Haha.

    Actually, reading my post sober, it sounds idiotic. D: haha.
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  20. Ya think buddy?

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