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Marijuana is a hallucinogen

Discussion in 'General' started by stealthgrower, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Marijuana is a hallucinogen. at least once a week i see someone/multiple people on here say that marijuana is not hallucinogenic. IT IS!
    ask any scientist they will tell you it is. i can also tell you it is because i have experienced it's hallucinogenic qualities first hand. so have about half of my friends who smoke.
  2. Yah of course it is, people that say it isn't have no backing for their claims except that they haven't percieved the effects yet.
  3. I have a real low tolerance to bud so I know what weed can do if you over do it. I am the only person that i know who has had what can be described as a "trip" fter smoking too much bud.

    I've been smoking for two years and its only happened 3 times but each time was just a rough experience. Saw some weired shit and got really sick
  4. Yes it is a Hallucinogen, just need a great amount of it and depends on your tolerance.
    I once mistaken a clumped up looking rock as some sort of wild cat sneaking around on stealth.
  5. The only time i have ever tripped on bud was off some shit my friend got from his sister, and afterwards she said it might have been laced. Put it this way, it took us 3 hours to walk down the street to dunken donuts to get a bacon egg and cheese :smoking:, and i thought everyone in their cars was staring at me with huge smiles like the black hole sun video.
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    Thanks for clearing the air.

    some of these people are hell bent on it not being a hallucinogen...witch makes no sense to me
  7. my friend and i were both driving around and freaked the fuck out cuz we thought we saw animals and shit in the road... i experience these hallucinogenic effects quite often actually.
  8. Theres a chart that showed different drugs and theyre properties such as hallucinogenic, narcotic, stimulants, and depressents. Marijuana was in the middle. It is all.
  9. it is sometimes
  10. Weed will do to your mindset whatever you're expecting it to do.

    It acts on your brain in whatever area is activating, not on a specific system in your body.
  11. I've hallucinated on marijuana before, or so I think....it may not necessarily be a hallucination but it sure as hell seemed like one at the time, it could have been my memory being affected by the weed though.
  12. If marijuana is a hallucinogen, then alcohol is a hallucinogen FFS. Whatever you see while smoking, is in your head. It's not from the THC, it's you, not weed. Mushrooms, if you take the right type and the right amount no matter what, you WILL hallucinate. ALL PEOPLE WILL. However if you ate a flower, and 3 of your friends ate this "flower" and 1 dude says he's tripping balls and hallucinating and the other guys aren't, then isn't he the one thinking up the hallucinations?
  13. Marijuana is alot of things,name it what you want.but it comes down to it being a intoxicated

  14. I am not going to get all crazy about it but I have never seen or heard anything that wasn't there so I don't know if I would lump it in the same category as LSD or shrooms which definitely fuck with your head a whole lot more. That being said particularly strong shit has definitely caused visual effects (trails, everything "pulsing", etc) so I am not prepared to say it is impossible. Besides, just like everything else it affects different people differently.

  15. we all know that hallucinations aren't really there,hallucinations are things you see something that isn't there,hear something that isn't there. and if tell me you NEVER!!!!! had heard a sound and got paranoid and started to think of what mad that sound,or was looking at something and it turned out to be something eles.then i don't think your smoking weed...:smoking:
  16. The only way I can see it being a hallucinogen is when I had CEV's.
  17. jesus some people are thick headed.
    of course it's all in my fucking head, it's all in your head when you eat shrooms to. it takes what's in your head and it makes it real (to you at least). you may have never experienced it, but that does not mean it can't happen. different drugs affect different people differently.
    i am sure there is at least one person out there who are incapable of having any kind of visuals from LSD. does that mean it's not hallucinogenic? no.
    don't be ignorant because you have never experienced it personally. you cannot tell me that hundreds of scientists and thousands of people are wrong, just because you never had it happen to you.
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    I never said they were real for 1, and for 2, no I haven't; I go on hikes and bike when I'm baked and I've never hallucinated, closest thing to it is I've smoke weed while frying on multiple things. Dude I've take most hallucinogens in the book; mescaline, acid, mushrooms, ecstasy (done everything but heroine base, which I don't plan on either), salvia, DMT, etc. and ALL that while of doing those drugs and hallucinating, I've never once had any form of similar experience while smoking weed.

    By in your head I didn't mean the imagination, I meant your making your own mind think it's supposed to be hallucinating, and by the way, since when were there hundreds of scientists waving there hands in the air claiming they think weed is a hallucinogen. But my point is that if you didn't grow up being told it will make you see shit, and that it's a drug, and you'll be "trippy" and shit like that, that you wouldn't. Where however if you ate mushrooms and were never told anything about them before hand, you would hallucinate, probably not as hard, but you still would. That's what defines a hallucinogen, if you had no knowledge of it, and took it, you would hallucinate. Weed, is a narcotic for the most part, and if you trip balls from taking a vicodin, you know what, good for you, but that doesn't make it a hallucinogen.
  19. It would be interesting to do a poll here, and in apprentice tokers and also seasoned tokers, to see how different groups feel about this issue. I've given my opinion once already tonight, basically I think it's a very very mild hallucinogen, but in no way psychedelic.
  20. LMAO that made me laugh so fucking hard

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