marijuana interactions with lamictal?

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  1. i just started taking lamictal.
    i also take sertraline, the generic brand of zoloft.
    yesterday i got drunk, and toked some.
    i was feeling fine, maybe a bit foggy, and when i sobered up i was fine.
    today, however, when i woke up i was feeling really weird.
    i'm insanely paranoid right now.
    i was searching for possible interactions and i found this site here:
    now i am freaking out even more,
    because i don't want this medicine to make me unable to smoke weed ever again.
    has anyone else experienced this?
    i'm freaking out like you would not believe right now.
    i started yelling at my friend before because i thought she was a spy.
    i don't know what's going on with my brain right now.
  2. i noticed no difference when i smoked on lamictal vs not on lamictal - then again i didnt notice any difference with anything after taking lamictal. officially off prozac and lamictal as of today:D

    but yea, i really didnt notice much of a difference tokin on them
  3. i'm doing a bit better now... but now i'm afraid to smoke again >.<
    last time i was on a mood stabilizer
    i forgot my name
    thought i could fly
    and saw a giant snake which told me to kill my parents.
    of course, they gave me too high of a dosage on that one,
    but still xP
    me and mood stabilizers just don't seem to mix.
  4. would it be terribly stupid for me to light some up now?
  5. just smoke a little bit, and wait a little. If it interacts bad, then you can stop there. I think you'll be fine, you just might have to get used to it if you have a different high. If you just started lamictal, i would doubt it will affect anything. Did they have you start with 20mg, on the 5 week program or w/e?

    i started on 20mg, and noticed no difference with blazing - but i also smoke a lot, and had been smoking a lot before, during, and after being on lamictal
  6. yeah.
    i'm like a super lightweight though.
    i've been smoking for a couple years,
    but my tolerance has gone up naught a whit xD

    the thing with me though, is this.
    you know how on the package insert for medicines
    it lists all the side effects
    and then it lists those that like .5% of the people who try it get?
    well, i'm usually in that .5%
    i'm SUPER sensitive to medications.
    i think i'm gonna try hitting some though.
    we'll see how it goes.
    if i start thinking the government is implanting memories in my head again....
    well, i just won't smoke anymore until this shit is totally out of my system xP
  7. i just smoked.
    we'll see how this goes :p
  8. Been on Lamictal for a few years here.. Haven't seen a difference with the marijuana mix
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    It's just your medicine if you just started.

    If you're quick to over analyze it you're gonna miss the big picture.

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