Marijuana Industry Could Reach 35 Billions Worth In The Next 5 Years

Discussion in 'General' started by gram of weed, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. That's about the size of the entire US book industry.
    and it's bigger than the US DVD and Music industry combined.
  2. yea but guess what then the gov would be growing all of your bud and put us growers out of buissness i mean really how can you compete with the gov making perfectly rolled joints...only way i see making a living off growing once the gov takes over is to go full organic no gmos!

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    It wouldn't be the government putting growers out of business. It would be corporations.
    and I'm pretty sure not all corporations would sell weed with additives. There would be a huge market for consumers who wanted all natural weed.
  4. from the way I see it corps own our gov and if they have the money to open a huge warehouse and flood the market with amazing bud for cheap it wouldnt be worth growing anymore for me

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  5. Just what the guvment wants, the public to push the easy button.

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