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Marijuana-induced seizure?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dest1, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I was smoking with some friends last night. Between the three of us we had two joints and a blunt of Lemon Haze. It was a great time, but one of my friends experienced a seizure after taking a hit. Is he going to be alright with using marijuana again? I'm worried that he might not be able to partake as the marijuana might induce seizures every time from now on. This was not his first time smoking.
  2. I'm not sure, but this made me think of one time smoking with a buddy, he whited out and tried to lay down on the sidewalk, dizzy and nauseous. At this point he didn't know he was epileptic, but about half a year later he had his first seizure.

    So there may be something about epileptics where weed doesn't sit well with them.
  3. Are you a wise guy? Cause I know how to deal with wise guys?
  4. uh I thought marijuana helped with epilepsy and seizures?

  5. He's never had a seizure before. He took a hit off of the joint and he mentioned how he needed to sit down. After a few seconds, his whole body went rigid and he started to fall backwards. Luckily there was something soft behind him to break his fall. After ten or so seconds he stopped seizing up and went to go lay down.
  6. i've experienced people having seizures in my life a few times.
    there's just something so fucked up about them. i hate them.
    pretty sure marjiuana triggered that seizure. wouldn't suggest him smoking again.
  7. So he took one hit of a joint and then had a seizure and then you guys continue to smoke another joint and then a blunt on top of that? Lol
  8. did he urinate himself? that is a true seizure. it could be low blood pressure, fainting due lack of blood to the head. any way he should see a doctor
  9. dude fuck. two weeks ago i was with a bud.
    We smoked some bowls through the night, we got drunk. We decided to go for a joint and hotbox the bathroom. We finish the joint, he starts getting all weird and opens a window and starts breathing, i'm all like c'mon dude come over here chill and enjoy!
    After a while he doesn't come, leaves the bathroom and i'm like, you ok dude? he says no.
    I'm like well fuck. He starts telling me how he's worried about his life and some shit that's going on. I say i understand and explain to him that everything is fine, he was fine some minutes ago why be worried right now, it's because you're drunk and very very high.
    Then he starts breathing abnormally, i bring him a bag, he says he isn't feeling fine. I explain to him that if you panic it's difficult to breath. Then he stands up and explains that he's feeling really bad and he has felt it before, and he's randomly twitching. By now i'm like oh fuck.
    He ended up going to the hospital, but the doctor said it was an anxiety attack.
    The night was fucked but it's better that he checked.
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    No. We had a joint earlier in the evening then a blunt and a final joint to finish off the night. Collectively I'd say he had about 25-30 hits last night.

    Edit: His seizure came after the final hit he took.

    He did not urinate himself, thankfully! I read somewhere that sativas trigger more reaction in the brain than indicas, so that may be a reason why he had a seizure. I agree, he should see a doctor. I suggested it to him.
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    I was seeking the assistance of this forum in hope of any other people who happened to have experienced the same result as my buddy and what they had done in response.

  12. He's just trying to get some info, don't be a dick. No offense.
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    That's not how I meant it. I'm saying that he wants his friends well being to actually be well. Of course he's going to try and get advice/info from anywhere possible. He's not the friend, so he can't make anyone see a physician, so might as well ask people with the potential experience.

    Not trying to start a flame war though, so whatever. Sorry if I came off to you aggressively.

  14. I never said he shouldn't. I encourage his friend going to the doctor.

  15. Are you trying to get banned or something? You know they're really strict on the hate stuff.
    I'm sorry that the community was giving him information that you believe should not be given. That's for sure my fault.
    It doesn't give you any right to be straight up rude.. I'm done.
  16. not a seizure... that is greening out... too much weed, too fast... a true seizure is horrifying, not ten seconds of passing out and a slight twitch

    I advise your buddy to drink lots of sugary drinks and try one hit at a time to find his tolerance... NO HOTBOXING...

    once his tolerance is discovered... feel free to hotbox and take one hit at a time

    bummer it might set him back for enjoying weed... but hey, it happens to best of us
  17. Hey, I have had 3 seizures in the past 3 years, twice being high and once totally sober. At first I thought my seizures were caused by marijuana and/or alcohol to, so I stopped for a very long time. But I was sober that time, and came to the conclusion that I only have seizures when im tired. When I barely have any sleep I tend to blackout which sometimes gets worse and led to my seizures.

    I'd recommend him to try smoking again. If hes smoked marijuana a lot before then odds are that's not what triggered it. It's risky, but if doctors cant find out what exactly is wrong your just gonna worry about what might cause them again.
  18. I had a true seizure about 30 minutes after smoking. A True one, I went to go to the bathroom and next thing I know im in the back of an ambulance. Apparently I had one while I was in the bathroom and repeatedly smashed my head into the toilet, urinated myself and my tongue was completely swollen. I don't believe that's greening out.

  19. Damn, bummer man. I hope toking's been generally safe for you since your last one.
  20. Yeah I toke all the time and im fine. As long as I take my meds I usually never have to worry.

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