Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens

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    Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens[​IMG]

    An invaluable asset! Other books overlook what this one has, a production budget and exact yield info! -- Breeder Steve from Lugano, Switzerland, October, 2001

    Cool book dudes! I decided to grow last year for the first time and some of my friends told me to get this book. I'm happy I did and smoke for free. I didn't know much about gardening and need a lot of help. I like Jorge's book because it teaches me each step of growing. All I have to do is follow directions and grow awesome buds. The Rules of Thumb tell me the most important stuff. I am growing my fourth crop and smoke killer bud every day. I highly recommend this book, it has everything and it is not confusing. -- Chris, Grower, BC, Canada

    I found a copy of this book in High Times magazine and ordered a copy in Switzerland. It gives me everything I need in a small package. This is my third time growing and I made one gram per watt on my second crop!! -- Max Reig, Zurich, Switzerland

    It gives everything in a small package. My second crop was one gram per watt! -- Max Reig, Zurich, Switzerland

    No BS, just good info. Instructions make it easy for me. Like having five expert grower friends! -- Anonymous Grower 1999

    Teaches each step. Follow directions, grow awesome buds. Highly recommended, has everything and it is not confusing. -- Chris, Grower, BC, Canada

    This book is in the zone! It tells exactly what I want to know, no BS, just good info. I like the instructions that make it easy for me. Reading this book is like going to a smoke out filled with the cream of the crop! -- Annomyous Grower 1999

    We translated several excerpts of this book in our magazine. Reader's couldn't wait to get it in Spanish! -- Canamo Magazine, Barcelona, Spain

    Product Description
    If you really want to know exactly how to grow a garden from beginning to end, this is the book for you. Jorge chronicled five different growers from beginning to end. He lists everything they use to layout and construct their grow room including all the prices for everything. He also clues you into all the facts and figures and how to achieve the gram of dried sinsemilla per watt of HID light. Get the inside story from five growers. Every last detail on their grow operation (except location) - how they harvest heavy crops of potent marijuana indoors. They tell everything-how to choose a safe house, build a grow room & cloning chamber, install ventilation, hydroponic gardens & grow lights. Sixty full-color photographs, more than 80 black & white drawings, charts, and graphs illustrate the text. An index and an indispensable appendix of formulas and conversions are also included.

    From the Publisher
    Jorge's new book is a detailed study of five different growers. He lists everything the growers did from beginning to end, including watts of light used and most importantly, yield. Much of the information was collected in North America and some in Europe. At the end of each chapter he shows how different growers could scale down the profiled growing operation. For example, if a grower that was using 5,000 watts of light in the flowering room only wanted to use 400 watts, there is an example (with all the facts and figures) of how to do it. We are very happy with the sales from this book!

    From the Author
    I'm super happy with Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens. The all new research gives exact details on what growers are doing today. YIELD, often omitted in other books, is dealt with in detail. Too often growers harvest a fraction of what they should. This book gives successful growers inside secrets and what they do to get the best yield. I traveled all over Canada, Australia, Western Europe and beyond collecting information for this book.

    From the Inside Flap
    Chapter Two 'Romulan' Joe's Garden Growing Statistics Yield: 2 pounds in 8 weeks Cost: First crop: $2600 ($72.20 per ounce)
    Second crop: $300 ($8.30 per ounce) Space: 10 x 15 feet Watts: 1760 'Romulan' Joe's Garden "Romulan' Joe" grew up in a family that owned a nursery in Southern California. He worked in the family nursery from childhood until he graduated from college. Now he lives in a Midwest city and works in the hotel industry. Joe's garden techniques are easy and virtually foolproof. First you will see how he constructs a simple grow room from the ground up. Then Joe plants, grows and harvests great marijuana with ease. "I've been growing indoors for 15 years . . . might say it's in my blood. I must have used or seen about every kind of growing system. A lot of hydroponic systems work, we used to grow hydroponically back home. But I'll tell you complex hydroponic systems are unforgiving and too much can go wrong. I grow hydroponically in 6-liter pails full of coarse soilless mix. The soilless mix I use is called Sunshine #4*. It is peat moss, perlite, dolomite lime and a complete range of soluble nutrients (fertilizer) impregnated into the mix. I think some sort of similar coarse soilless mix is available everywhere," said 'Romulan' Joe as he passed me a huge spliff. Chapter Two includes all the details from 'Romulan' Joe's Garden - from taking the first cutting to harvesting the last bud. Chapter Three 'BC Big Bud' Bob's Garden Growing Statistics Yield: 6 pounds every 3 weeks Cost: First crop: $5747 ($49.89 per ounce)
    Second crop: $1000 ($7.81 per ounce) Space: 10 x 12 feet, 12 x 27 feet Watts: 10,160 'BC Big Bud' Bob's Garden Bob is a professional landscaper during the day, and grows 'BC Big Bud' in his basement at night. After work, he marches down the basement stairs through a locked solid oak door into a Garden of 'BC Big Bud' Eden. Bob likes growing in the basement. A basement with concrete walls is easy to keep cool and it is easy to have a close to constant climate year round. Basements are out of the way, easy to secure and convenient. Bob shared his experience, "Some of the worst places to grow are in barns or garages not attached to homes. I used to grow in an old shed. Some local kids broke in and took my crop. So I moved to a house with a basement". Chapter Three gives every last detail, straight from the grower himself - from taking the first cutting to harvesting the last 'BC Big Bud'. Chapter Four Tammy Fay's Bedroom Garden Growing Statistics Yield: 2 pounds every 8 weeks Cost: First crop $3312 ($103.50 per ounce)
    Second crop: $300 ($9.38 per ounce) Space: 10 x 12 feet, 12 x 27 feet Watts: 2480 Tammy Fay's Bedroom Garden Tammy Fay knows how to nurture plants, and they respond. A natural grower, Tammy Fay cultivates a few large plants in the safe, friendly environment of her home. Soil is her favorite growing medium, but disposal presents a problem. She chose the next best thing to an organic soil garden, a hydroponic garden with organic fertilizer. Tammy Fay grows eight large plants in a top feed hydroponic bucket system. The hydroponic garden consists of a reservoir, 8, five-gallon buckets, each with one-gallon net pots filled with "Hydroclay" and watered/fertilized (fertigated) via spaghetti tubes. The nutrient solution flows over the Hydroclay and roots down into the five-gallon container and out of the drain back to the reservoir. Growing a great crop in a top feed hydroponic bucket system is simple and easy. Tammy Fay chose this system not only because it is simple and easy; growing only 8 large plants keeps Tammy Fay's total number of plants below thirty: 8 flowering plants, 2 - 3 mother plants and 15 - 20 clones for the next crop. "The harvest from my babies pays our bills. I send my daughter to private school and this crop makes everything work out," explained Tammy Fay. Chapter Four gives every last detail of Tammy Faye's Bedroom Garden - from taking the first cutting to harvesting the last bud. Chapter Five Bud Love & "J" Frost's Hydro Tube Garden Growing Statistics Yield: 6 pounds every 3 weeks Cost First crop: $5880 ($61.25 per ounce)
    Second crop: $700 ($7.25 per ounce) Space: 10 x 10 feet, 10 x 10 feet Watts: 6960 Bud Love & "J" Frost's Hydro Tube Garden Bud Love and "J" Frost pooled their resources six months ago to rent a house and grow a garden to escape their day jobs. Their lucrative hobby soon turned into full time employment. Security was their number one concern since they are growing more than 99 plants and living in America, land of the free. They soon found their personal lives radically changed while they fill the ever-increasing demand for quality marijuana. Chapter Five gives every last detail of this grow show - from taking the first cutting to harvesting the last bud. Chapter Six Illuminating Facts of Light Too many growers hang up a HID light to grow plants and that's the last they think about light. But which is the best light and how is the intensity best managed for optimum results? With the proper lamp and reflective hood, most growers could increase light in their room 10 - 40 percent and use the same amount of electricity. That's more light, more plants, bigger bud and a heavier harvest for the same electric bill! This chapter is packed with information - text, drawings and charts - that will save growers thousands of lumens. All information contained in this chapter was collected from actual experiments made by the author.

    About the Author
    Jorge Cervantes is a world-renowned expert on marijuana cultivation, hydroponics and gardening. Cervantes puts more than twenty-five years of expert cannabis growing knowledge at your fingertips with numerous books, articles and photographs. His expert advice has helped hundreds of thousands of growers worldwide turn simple effective indoor and outdoor horticultural techniques into high-yield gardens. In "Jorge's Rx", his question/answer column in HIGH TIMES magazine that is read by more than a million growers every month, Cervantes solves grower?s problems with definitive clarity. Cervantes also continues to write numerous feature articles in HIGH TIMES and magazines from Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Multilingual Cervantes continues to travel the world researching cannabis. His favorite research locales include Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

    Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens[​IMG]
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