Marijuana Inc: show, favor please.

Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by Dragon313, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I missed the premiere of Marijuana inc on CBNC Ch.46 here but, obviously different for you.

    And they never repeat stuff since its a news channel and there is always new news. But! they are repeating it just once!

    January 25th at 10PM. (HOLY shit i just realized that's tonight CRAP

    I'm really in need of help that means, I need someone to record this for me since I have NO VCR I know they are not that old but the only one I had broke like 6 months ago and I have no reason to buy a new one.

    So, I need someone to record it and then just it on a torrent site. I know I ask alot but if you use torrents can you plese do this. here is the site*blog*&par=RSS

    not only would you help me but anyone else that wants this and you 2 im sure if you havent heard of this the previews looked interesting. THANK YOU!!!!!!:hello::hello::hello: :)
  2. OH wait hehe, I just saw another thread that has the entire video in a link, But still if you want to do the above that would be cool that way I could torrent it and have it ...FOREVER yay, have a good day.
  3. Yo I just watched this on hulu the other day. this rivals the union.
  4. If I had to chose either the union or this to watch for a month straight I would hands down choose The union WOOO
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    how? that nbc bitch was putting everything in a bad light. the union was perfectly neutral. it pissed me off that everyone is going to gobble up the nbc shit and will probably never hear of the union.

    edit- if you don't understand what i said, here's a link:

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