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    An interesting documentary about marijuana. I don't think it will change anyone's mind about marijuana though. A lot of good interviews though.

    A lot of the film focuses on California and the Emerald Triangle.

    [ame=""]Hulu - CNBC Originals: Marijuana Inc. - Watch the full episode now.@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
  2. Thanks for posting that video was looking for it. :)
  3. aint got shit on the union

    but thanks for posting ill have to watch it when i get some time
  4. Thanks for posting a searchable title for this video and not just writing, "did you see this?"
  5. shes hot.
    and i like that graphic that the use.
  6. SuperJoint already informed us of that video when it premired on CNBC on i think, Wednesday.

    i hate that documentary, somewhat biased. and the host annoys me.

    the Union is the shit.
  7. Yeah, I started watching it on thursday, but I had to turn it off because it was so goddamn biased.
  8. ya i saw it on tv the other day i tought they where going to do a posative spin on weed but i guss i should have know better
  9. i watched that shit. and it was exactly that that. shit. the lady was a hardcore bitch who didn't know anything.

    the interviews would be good if they weren't surrounded by all the bs they pulled

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