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Marijuana in the hookah

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by baumann444, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. A looooong time a go a buddy left a hookah at my house. I don't personally like hookah, but I was wondering if I could mix weed with shisha, or just put weed right in there? Does it smell? Who has tried it before. My theory is that shisha should hide the scent
  2. you can but it doesn't get you very high. not sure about the smell
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    ive done it before and its nice, it also hides the smell a bit but not totally cus weed smells more strongly

    but yea like the guy above me said it doesnt get u super high. id rather take a couple tokes and then smoke a head
  4. Yea, it will slightly mask the smell, any stoner will pick it up instantly though lol

    as for if it works, sure it does... it wont get you higher or anything... but you want to mix the weed into the shisha ATLEAST 30 mins before you smoke it, the idea of the hookah is the honey/molasses keeps the tobacco material wet, which in turn doesnt let the coal actually "combust" it, it more causes a vaporizing effect.... but there is still a bit of burning involved haha. So if you throw dry weed in there, its going to scorch the weed way before it burns the shisha, which adds a very undesired weed ash flavor, and just doesnt work as well
  5. All shisha is is flavored Tabacco. Ever smoke a cig after smoking bud? It does not do too much. My cousin once told me "nothing will ever cover the scent of weed, it'll mask it and the house will smell horrible" to this day, I believe that.

    Now for smoking outta your hookah. It's possible, very possible. Only problem is I hear it burns through bud like crazy.

    My friend has a homemade hookah. It's a mason jar with a socket in the too and 4 hoses coming off it. He had some kind of shower head perc in it. But I forget how he did if. But it worked really well! Did the job for sure!
  6. Lol, this is just what ive noticed after the years of using my hookah... ive never had it burn fast, never had it smell my house up with foul smells....

    The idea of a hookah is to just relax and slowly get yourself a mellow buzz, not to get super duper high in a short amount of time, thats what bongs are for

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