Marijuana In China

Discussion in 'General' started by Mojo Hand, May 22, 2010.

  1. I will be going to China (in Shanghai and in villages within 50 miles) for a few weeks over the summer so I was wondering what the cannabis scene in the more rural areas is like. I know that laws are very strict with citizens, but what is enforcement like? esp. for foreigners?
  2. Are you retarded?
  3. I just got back from a trip to shanghai last winter. I did not smoke while I was there but I got approached numerous times each night by some guy who barely spoke english, but he managed to spit out "marijuana" and "hashish." thats for sure the sketchiest way to go about it. But idk. its illegal there but unsure of the exact laws
  4. idk if smoking weed as a foreigner in china is a good idea.
    i wouldnt be doing any illegal shit in china if i were you!
    i dont know ANY laws in china nor have i ever been there, i just dont think i would be fuckin around with that haha
  5. i heard they strict over there.

    and that the weed is totally different, like spirit seeing type of shit.
  6. Yeah OP ever seen locked up abroad!? Haha just playin.
  7. Im not. That shit is real. I dont wanna know what goes on in Chinas prisons...:eek:

  8. As an American of Chinese decent neither do I. Yet I post that link to help out the OP to hope that if he does decide to go through with his actions that he finds and safer alternative to approaching strange sketchy ppl. Ya dig!?
  9. They make you watch reruns of Gilmore girls.
  10. I can dig it, jive turkey!

  11. While listening to nickleback
  12. Probably involves chopsticks and assholes.

    Man I wouldn't be tying to smoke weed in China they'll cut your face off.
  13. Depending on the situation the penalties can range from years in a prison at hard labor to execution. I'm not kidding.

    Here's just one article:
    China: Marijuana Laws - 420 Magazine

    People do it, but the risk is huge.
  14. They seriously make women take pregnancy tests monthly and fine you for having more than one child. What's a little pot?

    Btw, probably a pretty bad idea to smoke pot in a communist country. Going dry for a few days is a lot better than years in a dank, dark, Chinese prison.
  15. Its worse than I could have ever imagined:eek:
  16. That's it. I'm calling Amnesty International.
  17. China has the lowest reported usage of Cannabis of any country. That's because of a combination of incredibly strict laws and punishment and people's unwillingness to admit to something so taboo even in a survey. Don't do it.

  18. PFFFF chopsticks? I heard they make bamboo grow up your asshole. That shit can grow up to 1 m/h.
  19. It's true that in certain places Marijuana plants are randomly growing out in the open but even though you'll probably only be able to find hashish. For one reason or another the actual Marijuana is going to cost quite a bit. As far as the police are concerned, They aren't concerned to much with what foreigners do and they really don't even know what Cannabis or hashish smells like. But it's your call

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