Marijuana improved my grades.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sad Panda, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. That's right. I go to one of the top 15 liberal arts colleges in the country, and at the beginning of this semester, I started smoking at least once every single day. And what do I have to show for it? Straight. Fucking. A's. Oh yeah, and besides taking over four credits, I tutored kids in math AND writing in my spare time.

    So fuck you, people who say that pot makes you stupid. I'm living fucking proof that it doesn't.

    I wonder if I can somehow sue the state if my grades go down next semester because I'm on probation...
  2. I'm sure you're just naturally smart. I know kids that smoke that were really dumb before and still are. Same with the smarter ones. Smart even before they started smoking. I know that your point is that smoking didn't make you dumb, but I'm not too sure it's the reason it made you smart.
  3. my grades also went up since smokin pot more, up from 2.23 last spring to 3.89 this fall
  4. It all depends on your motivation. If you do all your work and study, and then smoke up, you should be set. Thats what i do. You just have to keep your priorities in line.
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  5. hell yeah.

    I really really try to not do anything pot or alcohol related until I get my academics and any other responsibilities done.

    I find that I've done much better now, since smoking pot.

    However, I'm in no way saying that smoking itself has improved my overall standing, like it was said earlier, the motivation to get things done and out of the way...
  6. 4 credits? That's 1 class at my school. Haha, well any way... yea I smoke pot and go to an "ivy league calibur" school as I've said before. Got a bunch of A's this sem too...
  7. Is there anything Marijuana cant do?
  8. save the whales, cure world hunger. :)
  9. haha dude I wanna smoke out an orca or some exhale a phat puff into teh blowhole and it like whales cough?
  10. I smoke every bit of the day or just as much as everyone on here and I am a United States Academic Excellence member.
  11. marijuana improved my grades, too. i went from a high Cc/low Bs student to high Bs/low As. im also a lot more creative when im high. i have a folder full of my drawings which im using to apply to an art school around here, my best ones have been done when im high.
  12. Here are the two classifications as far as school goes:

    Lazy stoner: These are probably the most common. Right when they get home from school, they fire a bowl pack. The stay high for the evening and maybe smoke some more. They don't do their homework, therefore...don't learn. Weed doesn't make you stupid. It just makes you high.

    Motivated/Creative Stoner: These guys look into the art aspect of it. Most are very good a drawings and have very good creativity. They do their homework or study first, and then fire up the bowl.

    Like a previous poster said, you just have to set your priorities straight and everything will fall into place nicely.

  13. i'm the lazy stoner but i do my homework whenever i have any
  14. Heh, that's been the info above my pic for mad long :p, rock on.
  15. Yeah id have to classify myself as the lazy stoner. I goto school to meet up with people, visit with my girlfriend. Then i go toke, when i get to class i usually pop in the headphones and pass out on my desk, Then we go for a after school session and munch out and watch some family guy. By The end of the night, i cant remember if i had homework from my classes or not, and even if i did i prob. wouldnt finish it anyways.
    I get by my classes with just over 50%, i do just enough work toget by :)

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