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Marijuana impact on anxiety and sexual dysfunction.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lokodis, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, let me introduce myself, i'm 18, i've been smoking marijuana since sixteen everyday, and then just quit two months ago, because my girlfriend really don't like it, and it was becoming very important, as nothing seemed fun while not high, so i just decided to take a brake.

    A few days before i stopped pot, we were gonna have sex for the first time(i'm actually virgin, she's too), but just as the train approached the tunnel, it went soft. Two weeks later i stopped smoking.

    After i quit, i went to the doctor, because i were feeling really anxious. He then said me i have anxiety disorder and started me on Paxil(paroxetine), which i took for 2 weeks, but after reading several of the side effects(which includes sexual dysfunction), i quit taking it too.

    Since then, whenever i'm making out with my girlfriend, i can be hard as a rock, as soon as i think about it, i start to get worried that the same thing can happen again, and then it goes soft.

    There are several places which talks about anxiety and impotence, and i'm pretty sure it's psychological impotence, since it never happened before the first time we tried to have sex, and definitely she's not the problem(several times i got turned on by just hugging her), also i can masturbate just fine.

    I realized it's just when i start to worry(which sadly is everytime when we're making out :(). Since the first time, it happened 3 or 4 times(everytime we got into serious make out).

    Weed once helped me with depression(a few hits and all the dark thoughts were far away), so i was thinking into mixing weed with the make out, so i can just enjoy the moment and do not keep thinking about anything else(and i expect it to help me build up some self confidence again). Oh, and i intend to do so through edibles, since it lasts longer and my girl can smell weed miles away(i'll only tell her if it works).

    And also, i've started working out the PC Muscle(not actually about weed, but something everyone around should read about at least once).

    So, getting to the point, has anybody here experienced something like this? Do you think this would work at all?

    Sorry for the bad english.
    Keep toking :smoke:
  2. First off my brother, don't buy in to the bullshit that you have "Anxiety Disorder." They say 25% of people in America over 18 have some "Psychological Disorder", they diagnose you too quick, then start you on meds. Stop taking the Paxil.

    If it's your first time having sex, shit yea you might be nervous. That would explain why you may have "went soft." I don't think what you're talking about is Weed related; the first time you have sex is a big deal to anyone! (usually)

    I think it's a good idea to eat an edible, get your grind on while in your relaxed state, then you should overcome the anxiety related to sex.


    PS: Wrap up!

  3. Yup man, i've stopped taking paxil.
    I definitely got nervous that day, so that's probably why it got soft. But since that day, this keeps bugging me, and everytime we're going to do something, i remember that moment, start thinking about it, start to worry, and then i fuck up everything again.

    So that's why i'm thinking about the weed, as it once helped me with sad thoughts, it could maybe work to take the edge off me and make me less nervous.

    Just wanting to hear people opnion about it.
  4. I understand. I had an experience like that before, pretty similar. I got overly anxious about my health for some reason one time. It stuck for weeks. I actually toked up, faced the anxiety, realized how stupid it was, then it went away. The brain is the most powerful drug.

    If it would help ya, do the edible to over-come the situation while in your state. Remember though, you might have the same problem down the road when you're not high if you do that. Don't worry though, it just sounds like the stress of the first time. Try to clear your head. You are healthy and all your thoughts are normal bub
  5. Ya bro I do hafta say I feel u 100%...I lost my virginity wen I was 14,,,,coulda lost it 4x wen I was 13, I'd be as hard as a rock and THE SECOND I would go to put my dick in it would go 100% limp cuz I was thinking about it too much. I'm 26 now and have been having this problem ever since then. It's all in your head. When a girl makes it known she wants me to come over and fuck, I immediately start worrying "oh shit, wat if I fuck up and cant get it up again?"...So I always hafta take a couple xanax n smoke sum INDICA herb and that always fixes the problem. I also buy testosterone boosters and an 2 other ingredients that help u get hard as a rock especially with the test. booster (tribulus terrestris) that are actually really cheap. You need L-arginine and 50 mg DHEA and u can find all of this in the vitamin section at any place that sells vitamins....And if ur gna use weed to help u, only use indica cuz high THC content sativas often cause anxiety and will always fuck u wen ur trying to NOT think about whether ur gna be able to keep it hard or not....
  6. Also I 4got to add, ya being ur 1st time is the EXACT reason u got nervous and went soft,,,but ya I'm the type of person that thinks and obsesses over shit tht I worry abut and I always end up mind fucking myself. Once I finally found my remedy to stop my sexual anxiety, I did worry about "wat if it starts to happen to me again??"....But I knew it was all in my head cuz after I beat that pussy up for hours it made me more confident for next time cuz I KNEW I could do it and that it was all in my head. And I turned that nervousness into hornyness as I would think about how hard and bad and brutally I would wana fuck the girl I was with, and while we'd be kissing and I'd be rubbbng on her ass, I'd be thinking about girls I'd obliterated in the past, or I'd think about how good and loud and shit the girl would be that I was about to fuck and that would always get me hard and wat I pictured in my head be4 we fucked happens everytime we fuck now...stay mentally strong my dude and u'll be destroying vagina in no time
  7. Some things that might help:

    -think about her instead of you. Don't focus on IF you'll be able to make it work, just MAKE it work. Try not to psych yourself out, getting hard is a natural reaction just let it happen.

    -ease your way into it. Use lots of foreplay and get comfortable. Get your girl moaning beforehand and tell me you aren't hard.

    -idk let her do some work on the willy right before

    Basically relax and foreplay

    I dont think its the weed. Just being naked with someone else and the excitement and nerves sex brings
  8. Takes balls to talk about that shit. Never really happened to me I've been like not turned on so I'm soft but then i just get it goin' lol
  9. Posts like this make me happy. Someone with real problems coming to us for help, hell ya bro.
  10. i would like to know how it goes dude, edibles are your friends :)

    good luck and be safe

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