Marijuana hunger-striker Istvan Marton dies

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  1. Marijuana hunger-striker Istvan Marton dies
    MontrealGazette / 11,22,2011

    VICTORIA - A B.C. senior who was on a hunger strike to protest Canada's marijuana laws has died of heart failure. Istvan Marton was 69.

    His doctor, Jane Clelland, confirmed that Marton, of the small coastal village of Sointula, died Sunday in hospital in Port McNeill, B.C. He had been refusing to eat for more than a month.

    His hunger strike divided his home village on Malcolm Island off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, where he was known as Steve, the local fair-deal marijuana seller. Friends described him as a respected community supplier of medical and recreational marijuana. But others dismissed him as a drug dealer on a hunger strike to stay out of jail.

    Marton was facing a charge of possession of a controlled substance and breaching a conditional sentence from a previous conviction for the same offence.

    "I am going to die," he told the Victoria Times Colonist for a story published Sunday. "Even if the charges are dropped, I won't stop the hunger strike until they put back all my marijuana exactly where it was and give me back my $3,000 and change the law."

    Clelland said Marton was already unwell with kidney problems and vascular disease before he began subsisting on nothing but juice, water and clear soup. He was taken to Port McNeill Hospital last Tuesday after suffering a major heart attack.

    Another life taken by prohibition :mad:
  2. Wow, this next joint is for you man.

    Sounds like a fearless maraduer in the civil war on liberty. Props to you sir, this movement needs more people with your passion and dedication.

  3. Gonna dedicate six joints to him
  4. I wouldn't say this is because of prohibition. He could have eaten if he wanted... but he was dedicated as fuck though. Nice to see people that dedicated to their beliefs, but it's sorta unreasonable to die without needing to. He didn't have to die.. but it was his life so I can't criticize his decision
  5. I would just say, he died for his cause. he seemed pretty stuborn..he knew what he was doin...and he was right....i just wished he didnt die though.
  6. I think his dedication is what the American people need. I'm not saying we have to starve ourselves, but we can't constantly give in to concessions -- we have a common goal and we need to work towards it.

    Let's get this plant legal, people!
  7. A hero in my eyes.
  8. It just says more about his character that he was able to fight off the munchies. This man truly had spartan levels of endurance.
  9. Martyrdom...
    He knew it wouldn't change anything in his lifetime, but he did it anyway.
    Personally, I wouldn't do this... because then I'd be dead.
    But... I must say... Thank you, very much, for doing this.
  10. Kinda hard to fight for a cause if you starve to death. Just sayin.

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