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Marijuana helps to control ACNE?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SkyHy, May 10, 2011.

  1. Firts off, let me just say that i've had acne since I was about 16 (i'm now 22) and no treatment, special diet etc seemed to have worked that well.

    Then over a year ago I started smoking and I've been smoking on and off (mostly on for the past few months) this seemed to have coincided with a decrease in acne and general oilyness which I didn't really think anything of other than it just being a natural change with age.

    But for a number of reasons I stopped smoking about 3 weeks ago, 2 weeks sober and HOLY GOD DAMN did my face erupt! I couldn't figure out why. Diet was generally healthy, I used specialist skincare products which are supposed to help. But nothing seemed to stop.

    Then it hit me - the MJ. That was the only real lifestyle change. And now that I think about it, not only did it pacify my acne, but general pespiration and esp. oilyness of skin reduced too.

    Has anyone else noticed this.

    Perhaps it has something to to with MJ supposed anit-inflammatory benefits? And probably a load of other sciency shit I don't understand haha.
  2. opposite for me. luckily i copped that acutane crap and shit done disappeared
  3. One of the causes of acne is stress and weed tends to bring down the stress level.
  4. ugh ya doesnt work for acne bud....
  5. Opposite for me in the teenage years.
  6. marijuana stresses your body and causes your oil glands to actually produce more and cause more acne.
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    ummm,i'm not sure that smoking cannabis is going to help your skin,Cannabis oil being rubbed on your skin is good for your skin.but who knows, maybe because smoking cannabis lowers stress,your less likely to have a breakout from stress.i guess, idk. :laughing: but i do know that drinking alot of water is good for your skin,maybe all those times you got high,u had cotton mouth and drank more water,maybe,idk
  8. No, it wasn't cannabis. You're just getting older. That's what happens.
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    It's all coincidence man, some people make cannabis out to be this miracle cure for everything when it simply isn't.
    Honestly man, through my teenage years I got pretty lucky and never had it that badly but whenever it does rear it's ugly head a lot of proper fruitjuice/fruit and veg sorted me out...
  10. Acutane pills! Awesome investment.

  11. I went through that, it sucked horribly. I'd take weed over Accutane any day.
  12. What's this acutane stuff like? I mean are their any side effects? Its only available on prescription where I live, for really severe cases.
  13. Only thing that worked for me, but in the later years it still came back, much less aggressive though. But the treatment was horrible for my part, my lips and skin dried up like crazy and I couldn't battle that no matter how much moisturizer I used or whatever.

    Iv had a t break for the past 2 weeks and my acne seemed to get a bit worse. But I think it's due to stress with school and other things, which forced me to do the t break.

    Overall I haven't experienced much difference from smoking to not smoking and acne.

  14. I actually have some very faint scarring around my mouth because it cracked and bled so much from the dryness. It absolutely wrecks your liver too, so you have to get monthly blood tests.
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    Go to a derm and get some strong antibiotics. If that doesnt work, you're pretty much fucked, unless you want to risk your long term health with accutane.

    But yea I could see how MJ would help with acne. I could also see how it could harm your face. I mean, it's smoke, meaning it can clog your pores. But it could also just be with acne sometimes you go through periods of it calming down and then randomly waking up and it erupting completely. I so feel that dog, waking up every day and it not being gone or even getting fucking worse. It's a fucking bitch, psychologically. Hope it gets better for you bruh - if not, get an antibiotic like I said, shit helps most ppl.
  16. Okay just a little background
    I recently graduated from an esthetician (skincare) program
    I'm currently working on getting my license but I HAVE to say something about accutane, it is terrible for your body. While you may see some improvement for your skin, did your doctor tell you your supposed to be having your liver tested monthly while on accutane.
    I read someone say something about it screwing up your lips, accutane thins out your skin, which forces your body to regenerate skin faster like a wound.
    If accutane is the only thing that works for you use it sparingly only once or twice a month if possible.

    And for the op. Marijuana very well may have reduced stress greatly in your life. As for me I've never had terrible acne, but when I do take breaks from smoking I get generalised breakouts on my back and arms, so its very probable.

  17. yeah accutane was pretty rough while you're on it. peeling flakes of skin, super dry ass lips and scalp. so sensitive to the sun. not fun at all. i can see how weed could help control acne somewhat, as someone else said, lowering your stress levels will get rid of some acne

  18. Haven't there been tons of commercials about that saying it causes serious life threatening diseases? I'd stay away from that shit. Have a healthy diet and wash your face with soap and water twice a day and you'll be fine.
  19. Another important consideration, if you have "acne" which resolves with cannabis use, is to make sure you are dealing with simple acne.

    Cutaneous lupus, for example, responds very well to cannabis' immune modifying and anti inflamatory properties.



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