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Marijuana help chest pain?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by xv9186, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I have slight asthma and pectus excavatum, and sometimes when Im in the shower I get chest pain, (I guess something to do with the steam?)
    So would weed help this? I know its good for asthma, but would it make this pain go away?
  2. ummmm not too sure but I do know i've been having chest pains due to smoking so if you got a few years exp. i'd say it might not be the best thing.
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    Ive only been smoking for a few months, and ive never had chest pains while smoking. But im thinking this is caused from the hot shower and it tightens my lungs or something, so if thc dilates them im assuming it would help?
  4. Chest pain is unfortunately common with your condition, and, as the cause is unknown, cannabis' effect on it would have to be determined by personal experimentation. I do recommend a vaporizer, however.

    Pectus Excavatum: Frequently Asked Questions: Surgery: UI Health Topics

    If you live in an MMJ state you may qualify.
  5. Lol smoke till you have chest pains and you'll be alll good
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    Unfortunately, I live in New York. But thanks for the info

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