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Marijuana & HeartAttacks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by budsmokers_only, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Okay, me personally Ive NEVER heard of somebody havin' a heartattack on weed. But I was reading up on the net and it said that marijuana can trigger heartattacks..I just thought that it was another way the government can scare people into not smoking weed. Ive been smoking for about 3-4 years and i have a minor heart murmur and nothing has NEVER happend to me for me to even think that i was havin a heart attack..soo yall heard about this?

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  6. yeah. marijuana increases your heartrate, which can cause a heart attack, but that also means smoking, caffeine or mild exercise could trigger a heart attack too..
  7. you cant give in to the

    they only tell people what they want to hear, like smoking weed will make you have heart attacks, but they dont say taking a jog or smoking a cigarette produces the same effects

  8. Or we can be smart, and choose to believe that SMOKING marijuana, or using drugs in general foreign to our bodies, have atleast some bad effects.

    who ever said smoking marijuana doesn't hurt you, is retarded. smoking ANYTHING hurts you. your lungs were not ment to inhale smoke.

    then, after you come to this conclusion, you think realisticly about the likely hood and percentages that things like bad reaction etc. happen. pretty low, so it may be a low risk,

    but so is playing with dynamite without a fuse.. theres always going to be the 2% that try to light it anyway and obliterate themselves.

  9. i see wut your trying to say...but 2%..theres millions who smoke marijuana in the united states alone. Why havent their been a report of somebody dieing from a heartattack yet??
  10. I've heard about this before. I did research for a paper on the legalization of marijuana. It DOES increase your chance of a heart attack, but by the SAME AMOUNT as exercise. So if you go jog a mile you're a bit more likely to have a heart attack, just like with marijuana. But do they tell you not 2 exercise because of the increased risk of a heart attack? NO, because the risk isn't great enough. I'd handle mj the same way, don't worry about a heart attack unless you have heart problems in the first place.
  11. well either way its flawed..

    for marijuana to trigger a heart attack due to increased heart rate (which is the result usually of a panic attack) it would mean a person had an underlying heart condition.

    people for some reason dont understand that heart attacks are a result of a heart condition. theres things besides heart attacks that are equally worse.

    where im going with this though, is that anything can increase your heart rate and cause a heart attack. you can have a redbull and have this effect.
  12. Remember not alot of people give a shit about their health. They'll get older and learn that its imporant. Let em learn that way ;)

    I think it can with people who have certain heart conditions, but not all. And there probably have been cases where a person has died of heart attack that was caused by weed but they were never tested for drugs. Who knows, but for "99.9%" of people, I think it's extremely rare and unlikely to happen.

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